Thursday, August 31, 2006

Piano Lessons

Poops is so excited I am taking her to her first piano lesson today after she has the opportunity to meet her new 2nd grade teachers. She told me yesterday that today would be a good day. I am letting her wear one of her new outfits that we bought from school shopping so she is even more excited.

I take Peeps to a free gymboree class tomorrow morning... got a coupon in the mail so I hope she likes that. Then tomorrow evening I am going to my first Yoga session.. its a free one offered by the studio to see how I like it. The guy said it is a stress relief class and I will have to yell during the first part of the class..he said I might not like that one for my first experience ...I said..are you kidding me???? I am an expert yeller! LOL.. so tomorrow off I go to have my first YOGA class.

My friend is moving back to VA from Michigan but she is moving to the VA BEACH area so I won't get to see her everyday although it will allow us a lot more opportunities to spend together than before. We grew up together and have always stayed in touch since she moved away. Our daughters are the same age so Poops will be thrilled to have a new person in her large circle of family and friends.

Well, off to take a shower.. while Peeps naps.. I will post of picture of Poops at her first piano lesson as soon as I can. CYA

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My baby in her stride rite shoes

She walks soo good....and then I put a pair of Target shoes on her.. nope.. she wouldn't walk in them.. so I went and got a pair of Stride Rite.. she can't even tell she is wearing shoes! She runs all around!

Poops wants to take piano lessons and I have decided to try Yoga lessons so we are off to get some prices. BYE!

Saturday, August 05, 2006