Friday, April 15, 2011

Do I need a nanny?

So now soccer season is in full swing...we've got Peeps and Poops playing soccer and the babe wants to crawl around the field (which lately has been muddy and full of goose poo). I have to the time I get home from work we are rushing out the door for soccer and then I can't seem to figure out where to find time to clean and cook in between it all. It was easier without the Babe being mobile cause I could hold him while I did everything..but now he wants to explore...he loves to play with the dog food bowl (ick) and try to get in their water bowl...he loves to open cabinets and pick up every tiny thing he can find. He doesn't like to be confined in his walker or play pen so I kinda feel like I might need some help to get anything done. We are considering having my husband's cousin come live with us for a while and help with the house and baby while I am at work and then when I get home I can just be a mom and go to the park and play with the kids. She would do light cleaning and cook dinner at night...she was my husband's nanny when he was a baby.

Here are some pics taken at a basketball game where my daughter's faculty played against another school faculty and won! :-)