Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here are some from our visit with Kristi to NC

Getting floaties on

Peep's first swim in a lake...hangin with big sis'

Okay..."I don't need HELP!" haha

KayKay, Peeps, and Poops swimming in the lake

The reason Kristi stayed sane through a week with 6+ kids...foot massages by Mason!

Lexi and Peeps swimming

Finally have some time to post some are some from our OC trip

Monday, August 11, 2008

Poop's home! THANK YOU KRISTI!

I just want to express how deeply grateful I am to my dear friend Kristi who not only watched over Poops for an entire week but provided a loving home and fun filled memories that she will retain forever.

Since her trip...Poops has requested for some changes to be made to our own family!

1. Have us pray before each meal (and eat together)
2. Have a chore/good deed made up where she can earn stickers and rewards
3. She wants me to give her a hug each night instead of her giving me a hug (lol)
4. She wants us to all have chores that we rotate on a weekly basis (O likes this one..because this means she has to mow the grass!) haha
5. She wants us to vote on an activity that we do together once a week as a family...
(she says..anything from going out to get ice cream, eating at a restaurant, watching a movie, or going to a movie together)

After much contemplating we have decided we will do numbers 2-5....Just kidding (for you Kristi)..we will incorporate all her ideas/suggestions into our daily life. It appears Kristi has made quite an impression on my little Poops (and positive changes) will be coming our way. :-)

Thanks Kristi!!!!!!

P.S. I will be posting some pics soon

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Missing Poops!

Well, we officially miss POOPS so much...but she is having a great time with my dear friend, Kristi (and her large gang of children...How she does it with all those children I DO NOT KNOW!). Poop's told me about going to the zoo and daily swimming in the lake. She actually told me she wants to stay longer but I don't think we can bear it to be without her for another WHOLE week! I am counting down the days until she will be with us again.

Poops, if you read this we LOVE YOU!!! MISS YOU!!! BE GOOD!!!! PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF!



Monday, August 04, 2008

Poking holes in the sand??? haha

Back from the Beach! :-)

This year we had a nice house on the bay with a beautiful sunset to watch each night. We had nice neighbors from Long Island who let us play with their two husky's Dakota and Kiley every day. Kiley thought Peeps was a puppy and tried to play with her like one. Poops got really good at boogy boarding on the waves and Peeps tried to jump off the Ferris Wheel. I will post some more pics later....blogger is giving me some trouble.