Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bad Cookie

...my bad bad puppy...you all have no idea how much this puppy has eaten in my house...my $500 hot tub cover, countless shoes, new $40 soccer cleats, my 2 very expensive ottomans, and even the shoes I am wearing today...Don't let this face fool you...I am not sure what to do with her...we love her..but can I handle this??? We load her up with rawhide and bully sticks galore but she always manages to give me some kind of trouble...any suggestions? I am truly contemplating finding her a new home. :-(

Blizzard of 2009!

So we got about 20 inches of snow over the weekend...my office building was closed on Monday and the kids are out of school this entire week...so they get an extra long break until Jan 4! My puppy loves the snow and Poops wants to live in it...then there is Peeps who can only handle about 10 minutes of the freezing then she's ready to come in. It doesn't help that its like pulling teeth to get her to put on a pair of socks. Anywhoo...Saturday was super fun playing in the snow and sledding with our old man Scrappy Doo. Above is the pic..please notice how high the snow is to Poops legs and way taller than old man Scrappy. We haven't had a blizzard like this since 1996 when hubby and I were stuck at his parents house for many days....

Here's a pic of our house in the day covered by a white blanket of snow...

and here it is in the evening..so pretty!

Here's a pic of Poops getting ready to sled with her dad

and here is one of my back yard...Poops is playing with Cookie who loves to eat the snow

So after all the fun on Saturday we slept like babies and woke up to a freezing cold house...why? Because our heat broke down! Of course the timing was just splendid considering we were in a freaking blizzard! Lucky for me I have a friend whose husband does heating and ac..and he came over to say...we need a part..and I don't have it..I will have to order it tomorrow and come first thing in the morning...my jaw drops as I realize we have to endure this freezing cold for an entire day and through he night. Guess what that means...sleepover! We do have a fireplace and we put it to good use on Sunday...we all huddled up on the pull out bed in the living room in front of the fire including our 2 dogs, ferret, and birds. It went down to 50degrees and I woke up every 2 hours to put more wood on the fire. Dear hubby was out like a log...but every time I walked by the birds they'd freak out and start flapping their wings and swaking...birds...I am trying to keep you warm! haha..

Peeps was too thrilled that we had a sleepover in the living room and wanted to do it all the time..I was thankful for my friend's husband who got to my house at 11am and my heat was on and working within the hour.

My dear old dad (with his sweetness) shoveled out all our cars, sidewalk, and even my mailbox and driveway! He then had enough energy to go sledding with Poops. I have the best dad ever!

P.S. For those of you wondering about my pregnancy and sickness..I'm still sick..but I've found that eating hot peppers and Tabasco help keep some foods down...it's something...I still throw up about once a day..and I'm on 2 meds now. I'm hoping it will pass soon...please let it pass...but I do feel a lot better than before..nights are always the worst.

A little photo of Baby #3 at 8 weeks and 2 days

Thursday, December 03, 2009

So sick...with hypermesis again....

I'm on meds for the nausea and vomiting but they don't always work. I ended up in the hospital on Monday for IV treatments for dehydration. My body wouldn't accept any food or drink for 4 days. It was horrible...now I am able to eat some things but not too much and very small quantities. Everyone is worried about me not being able to take prenatals and all I can worry about is if I will make it through another day without chucking all my food.

On a good note, I got to see a picture of my baby and my due date is scheduled for 6.27.09. They have said they will take the baby a week or two early because of my history with delivering big babies. How can this precious little thing inside of me make me so incredibly sick? I've even lost weight....but I carry on. I do my best to take my meds (which dissolve on my tongue!) and eat as much as I can. Peeps said God is mean because she sees how I am so sick and she relates God putting the baby in my belly to him being mean. What do I say to that? Poor thing...she wants to take care of me and Poops has been helping with the house work. Dear hubby tries to get me b vitamins and ginger tonics to help but all in all I feel horrible. I am thankful to my family for being so supportive and to God for blessing us with another family member. I pray that this hypermesis doesn't last 6 months like it did with Poops.

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm pregnant..with baby #3!!!

So this was a huge super duper surprise. I didn't even have an inkling of a clue....I saw a pregnancy test at the dollar store last week and bought it thinking ..hey it's only 1$..why not. I did have some breast tenderness but I thought my period was coming so that was why. So I take the 1$ store pregnancy test and it says I'm pregnant...I say..well this is just a 1$ store test..can't be right..can it? And then when my husband gets home I tell him and he says...well it's a 1$ store test..(same thing I said)..so he says to take another one..we happen to have some in the bathroom cabinet..(I forgot)...these are the good EPT ones..so it says I'm preggers too! So my chances are becoming slightly larger that I am indeed preg...I make a doctor appointment Monday morning...pee test says yep..I'm pregnant..Tuesday morning I go in for a sono to see how far along I am...5 weeks they guess...just an egg yolk at this point..a little circle. At least it's confirmed now.

From Saturday (when I first took the test)...to today (Thursday)...I've had a few changes. I feel sick now..nausea is really icky..especially this morning. My diet consists of ginger ale and crackers and bread. My entire office thinks I am infected with the swine flu because I look like crap. It's too early to share the news..especially with my history of miscarriages. I couldn't keep in it though..so here's my story. And hopefully this blog will be my outlet for this 9 month journey...well 8 months left right? :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Puppy update-she's getting bigger!

Cookie 15 weeks & Ava 4 years old :-)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Peeps turned 4!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEEPS!

The first party was from 3-5 and for the kids...then the 2nd party started at 5 and lasted until 1:30am!!!

We had a huge party for Peeps to celebrate her turning 4. We had a moon bounce, our trampoline that lives in our backyard, a pinata, face painting, and get this...a PONY! We rented the pony from Berryville, VA and it was awesome! Here are some pics of the party and my birthday girl.

(special treat from the pony company..a cow girl hat, chocolate pony lollipop and a bandanna)

(determined to break it!)


(why does daddy look so stressed?...could it be all the preschoolers running through the house?)

Present time!

JayJay helps open the gifts...cousins are great!

(this is when the 2nd party started....she got to be sung to 2x!...we reused the ponies on our tres leches cake)

Everyone hardly fit in our dining room...we ended up singing 3 additional times for some cousins with nearby birthdays...thanks for sharing your birthday PEEPS! I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Puppies, Puppies, and more puppies!

So the puppy picking party was a ton of fun and most of the puppies got adopted that day to very good homes. We took our own and named her Cookie...then since the puppies were only 6 weeks I offered to hold onto 2 other ones while they matured to 8 weeks. The vet said it's best if they stay together in their pack, especially if they are taken away from their mom. They just turned 7 weeks this past Saturday and boy oh boy taking care of puppies is a ton of work. It's like I am non stop mopping up my floor. Here are some pics of the cuties and my old man dog too.

Here is a pic of our pooch Scrappy Doo being introduced to Cookie.

They are already getting spoiled here..from yard dogs to spoiled rotten dogs!

Even their bowls know its true...

Cookie's first bath....

All the puppies in a basket!

Cookie was playing dress up...

Last pic..not a puppy pic but here is Poops with Scrappy after he got released from the pet hospital. He had an episode of vomiting and diarrhea and we found out the hard way to not feed our dogs people food. Apparently, he got
Pancreatitis and had to be IV'd until he was fully hydrated and is on a dose of antibiotics. He will forever be subject to boiled rice and chicken along with Prescription Diet food for dogs. Leaving him at the vet was one of the hardest things to do...I left in tears but am so glad that he is okay now and it's not something more serious..like cancer. We really love our Scrappy...but no more table scraps for him.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Beach Week-Ocean City Maryland

Our trip to the beach went really well. We spent a week there and each day tried to do something fun..which made me super tired when I came back. Each day we had something to do..beach all day, water park, boardwalk...ect. Here are a few pics from the trip...

Peeps practicing for her Baywatch audition

Now practicing for the new coppertone baby

And here is Poops riding a wave!

Here is Poops saving Peeps from a wave!

My husband decided to rent a moped and we rode this around OC for a while...we got to ride in the bus lanes!

We did have some heavy storms and Ocean City turned into..well Ocean City!

And after a full day of fishing this was all my dear hubby caught

Overall..we had a GREAT time but I am happy to be back home..we picked a puppy and here she is!

We will be picking her up Saturday during our puppy picking party! :-) Soo excited!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Poops got her first pedicure!

Poops has been so good this summer. She's helping out a lot with her sister and helping clean up when I ask...so I took her to get a real pedicure as a reward. Here are her fancy smanshy toes!

Sitting on the Target ball posing pretty for a pic...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy weekend, road trips, the pool, and a night out at the DC Improv

This weekend I had to go to a wedding in WVA..it was really far for us and took about 6 hours. The problem really was that I had to be back home by 9pm to get to the DC Improv to see a comedy show starring Pablo Francisco. I asked hubby if he wanted to go and he mentioned the movie Deliverance and politely said no thank you.
So Poops, Peeps, cousin JayJay, and my dad all went on a 6 hour trip to Princeton, WV. The bride and groom were not so much traditional...they had the wedding outside at a park and thought it would be funny to have black icing on their cake as a gag to turn everyone's teeth black. Here's the result of that...

These two cuties had a great time for the 3 hours we stayed at the wedding..here they are enjoying the lake view

I snuck in a shot of Poops looking beautiful...

And then we took one together ...I wanted to play with my settings on the camera and this pic turned out too cute

The ride home was beautiful

Love my state...even though we were in VA we still had hours left of driving...

We made it home in time to enjoy ourselves immensely at the DC Improv...Pablo Franciso was the feature but the 2nd guy was even funnier than Pablo! From left to right that's me and my hubby, my oldest sister in law, then my youngest sister and law and her boyfriend. There is a 2 drink minimum at the comedy club and we all met our limits! We all had such a great time..I hope to do it again in the near future.
Peeps had a little meltdown when I told her I was leaving her with her abuelos to go out and I had to promise her a trip to the pool Sunday morning...I think this girl knows how to work me...she always gets me to bargain!

When we got back to my in laws to pick up the girls Poops had played the mommy role and laid with the little ones until they fell asleep. See how Poops has her arm around JayJay so she doesn't fall off the bed? What a great daughter! In fact, I told her that I owed her a special treat...you will see how that turned out in my next posting.

I kept my word to Peeps! The trip to the pool was fun!

After the pool I took another little road trip to visit my dear friend Kristi who moved back to VA from Hawaii...then NC...now back in VA! YAY...although she's not really close by, she is a lot closer than her last two places of residence. This road trip was especially fun because I lived out that way for about 9 months when I was about 12 years old and I was able to show Poops where I used to live. It was about an hour drive to her house out in the country and on our way I had to break for the geese who decided to walk across the street..I mean really? Why do they walk? They do know they can fly right?

Being that Kristi has spent a lot of her time in Hawaii...she was having spam and rice for dinner...Poops tried spam for the very first time..and she liked it! If you've never had spam before you should try it. It's like ham from a can. :-) Just slice it up and fry it in a pan!
Thanks, Kristi!