Monday, August 02, 2010

He's Here!!!!! Father's Day Surprise!

My little man is here! He decided to surprise us on June 20th (Father's Day) and what a surprise it was. I woke up ready to go to Poops All Star soccer tournament of which my hubby was coaching to a feeling of having peed myself. I go to the bathroom and it just doesn't stop coming I water must have broken. (This is the first time this ever happened so I really didn't know what to make of it). I go to the bathroom where my husband was washing his face and stand outside the door. He opens it to see me standing there staring at him and I say..."I think my water broke." He asks, "Are you sure? Go to the bathroom and check." I said..I already why don't you go downstairs and have breakfast and I will take a shower...then let's see what happens after that. So after my shower I get ready and the water just keeps I put towels there and my scrubs. As I'm waiting for hubby to finish up his breakfast I start getting contractions..about 8 minutes apart. I didn't really want to tell him because I really wanted to see if there was any way at all I could make it to Poops soccer game. I guess not...cause the pain was really overwhelming and my pants are being soaked...we make arrangements for the assistant coach to take over and get Poops while we head to the hospital with Peeps. We get there and my hubby drops me off at the hospital and says he is going to park. He's on the phone giving directions to the assistant coach on what plays to make and ect while I'm checking myself in. I then have to take an elevator upstairs so I can get checked in further. I go with Peeps upstairs and can't sit down because my pants are soaked and I didn't want to mess up the cushions on the chairs. Finally, they escort me to a room where I can get dressed into a gown and get started. Hubby was there by that point and he is still on the phone with the assistant coach. The nurses check me out and say I'm not very dilated..about 2cm and give me pitocin. Within an hour I'm up to 3cm. Within another hour I'm at 7cm...after that was a blur. Babe was born at 2:10pm and weighed 8lbs 12oz. I wanted to make sure he was a boy and for sure....he was all boy. After making sure he was healthy and good to go I told my hubby to get to the tournament and be there for Poops. She was doing her thing all alone with no family to watch her so he asked if I was sure and I said yes of course I am sure! We are just going to chill here and sleep and I wanted him to go get her anyways. Peeps was with her grandparents who had come to pick her up during my labor. They brought her back later that night and ever since that day we are doing great and loving every minute of life with the Babe.

At his one month check up he weighed in at 10lbs12oz so he gained 2lbs in one month! He's getting really big and loves to eat. Now what do I get hubby next Father's Day?????

One Month

Poops at the tournament...they got 2nd place!!!!!