Monday, February 27, 2006

The big snow of our winter!

Poops and Peeps out in the back of the house where Poops and O built a big ol' snowman!

Toooo cute not to post!

I have one of Poops like this so I had to get one of Peeps.. I think I might just go back in the albums and find the one of Poops so I can compare their tushies. LOL.. :-) I love my baby! Look at her powdered butt! Look at those ears! LOL.. awwwwwwwwwwwww!

I just checked my mail-


What did I do for my birthday.. thats what everyone wants to know!

OK lets see..two days before my birthday I went out to dinner with my little sister in law, Lish, who took me to Chili's. It was really nice.. I had one of their moulten chocolate cake desserts and it is sooooo good..its to die for! Thanks Lish!
Then lets see on my actual birthday I went to breakfast at IHOP with my friend Theresa and we took our daughters. That was her gift to me! Thanks Theresa!
Then O took Poops to her cheerleading game and I took a nice hot bubble bath...and the doorbell kept going off and someone was knocking on the door! I couldn't get there in time but when I finally got out and dressed there was a note that a package was left with my neighbor. I went over there and was really suprised to find a bocquet of flowers from none other than my sister, Sam. How sweet! Thank you Sam!
Then I met up with O at the game and we headed out to Silver Spring, MD to a restaurant called Cubanos. It was nice but kinda fancy for my taste..I felt like we were the Simpsons going to a fancy restaurant. Poops kept licking the water out of her wine glass filled with water and saying "We want food!" while banging her fork and knife on the table..then there was miss good until the food came..then she was trying to grab everything.. I think she actually threw a fork across the room at one point. LOL THANK YOU O!
Then we went home and some people came over for the fight.. oh yea.. I forgot to mention O gave me a gift card to a spa for a massage..THANKS AGAIN O!
I got lots of calls on my birthday from Aunt Lia, Uncle Richard, Uncle Ronnie, Grandpa, Uncle Robert, my littlest sister Cindy, sister Sam, friends Kelly, Kristi, Tammy, and Monica... all wishing me happy birthday. My father called of course and my mom even called.
Then the next day I got an email from Uncle Kelly for birthday wishes.. I haven't checked the mail yet but friend Kristi says there is a birthday card in there for me. Thanks to all who helped me celebrate my birthday! It's gotten a lot easier to celebrate it because as many know my birthday is also the same day that my grandmother passed away. I also know that because of little sister Sam that is why I got so many calls from my mom's side of the family! She really has matured and become a better person..I am very proud of the person she is now.
Then last night my friend Ashkan and his girlfriend Megan took me and the family out to dinner.. a place of my choice they said and I choose Piano Grill..formerly the Pars. It was nice.. we were the only people there and there was a piano playing and they brought out some cake with sparklers and sand happy birthday while I turned red.. then they gave me a gift card to Target which I already spent this morning on a bathing suit. The restaurant has a belly dancer and singer on Friday and Saturday but not Sundays but it was still really really nice.. we stayed till 10:30 just talking and laughing.
Well, Thats my cue..-Peeps just woke up and I gotta go grab her and feed her.
Thanks again to everyone who helped my day be so special!

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Wow! Today is my birthday.. I am a whole XX years old! I have two kids and a husband!!! Omg.. I am old...!!!! What's going on??? Hmm... I can't really believe it..that I made it to this age.. I never really thought I would be this old. But, at least I am not 30 yet.. cause thats 3 whole decades! LOL
Happy Birthday to me! I am going to breakfast with a friend at IHOP after Peeps wakes me up for the day..then to Poop's cheerleading game which will last about 3 hours.. then possibly a movie and dinner with the hubby.
My mom called me on the 24th and sang Happy Birthday to me on my voice mail. She has never gotten it wrong before but I guess the age is getting to her. Sometimes I forget that every year I get older.. so do my parents.
Here's to getting old!!! :-) I thank God every day for each breath that he allows me to have each day to kiss my girls and see them play and grow. I thank God each day that he allows me to love and be loved. Happy Birthday to me! Thank you GOD! Thank you for giving me this day and every day!
-Photo is of me at 5 years old!

Monday, February 20, 2006 thoughts about returning to work

It's a little after midnight early Monday morning. Peeps is of course asleep and Poops wanted to spend the night with her abuelos. I was just researching human trafficking on the web and decided to go ahead and post something on my new BLOG. :-)
Peeps just turned 5 months old. She is really getting so big so fast. I dread going back to work in October and leaving her child bearing to someone else for 9 hours a day. I know I am blessed to stay at home as long as I am but it is still hard to know that I won't be the one raising her for all those hours of the day. She will still be little and every little thing that happens to her will affect the person she will become. Sometimes I think Poops doesn't even need me anymore. The first day of school she asked me not to hold her hand or walk her into the school. I realized how big she really was when Peeps was born. It is hard for me to imagine Poops once being as little as Peeps is now.

Here is a pic of Poops at her first soccer practice. She loves soccer and is currently a cheerleader but finds it very boring and mundane. She says she would rather be playing sports but not to is starting again in March and so is she will be keeping me busy!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

This blog thing is addicting..ok gotta get to work!

Peeps in January

Wow..she was just so happy here. Talk about lucky shot! We have tried taking pictures several times and I have to tell you she does not like to be poked and prodded by the photographers. As soon as they touch her she freaks out and starts to cry so this was truly a lucky shot. Of course she is all smiles for me, her daddy, and big sister but her stranger anxiety is sometimes a bit overwhelming. She will smile from afar..just don't try to touch her or you get to see her scream.
:-) That's my baby!

Poops's January Photo

Most friends and family have already gotten one of these in their home mail boxes but if I forgot you please forgive me. This picture was taken in January of Poops. She was biting her lip in them all and she says she did it so she could look like a bunny. Hmm.. bad thoughts are going through my innocent looking like a bunny is for now but if she says that as a teenager I definetely have to worry!

Today February 19 2006

Ok..Ok.. I just cheated and watched an entire episode of CSI MIAMI during Peeps's nap instead of finishing that laundry that is calling my name and picking up all the toys strewn about in the living room. Well, I can tell you I feel good about it because I got to delete it off the TIVO list and add another hour to the memory bank. I left her in her crib with her mobile to come down and check and email and I found out that my friend Kristi in Hawaii has a blog. What a wonderful idea I have to have one for myself. One to type up how incredible stressed I can get and one to share beautiful pics of my 2 angel girls. Ok.. here is my first post..I hope you like it and find it as interesting to read as it was to type. I gotta go get Poops ready for a party. She had me roll her hair in curlers last night and looks so different today with her hair all puffy. I have to tame it a bit before I can drop her off at Abuela's house.