Thursday, March 31, 2011

9 months

My little guy is 9 months is so hard to believe that 9 months ago I was giving birth on Father's Day. I think the time slips by faster the more children you have. Some days I wonder how I even do it...working full time and getting out the door with 3 kids at tow. Poops always helps with Peeps but I get the babe ready and take him to his sitter. Half the time when I make it to work I realize I haven't brushed my teeth or hair and have to do it in the bathroom at work. Often I have some kind of goo or bodily fluid on my shoulder where the babe has chewed on me or lovingly wiped his nose on me. I worry that the time is flying by too fast when I take a hard look at him and see that he is not only crawling but moving from place to place on his feet..ready to walk.

Now its soccer season so we will have practice Monday-Thursday, 2 games every Saturday and one on Sunday. The time is surely going to move faster now than ever before and I just want to pause it all and take a breath with my kids. I want a day where we don't have anything to do and we can just errands...

Peeps did the funniest thing the other day...she started screaming like she had gotten hurt so her father and I run to her rescue..wondering what could it be..we didn't see any blood and she wasn't holding any particular part of her body..when we got her to stop screaming and were able to understand what was wrong we heard.."ANT!" . She had an ant on her! We couldn't calm her..the ant must've fallen off of her because I stripped her down and showed her it was gone but she wouldn't or couldn't believe me. She was sure the ant must've gone in her belly button or perhaps inside one of her "boo boos". I assured her the ant was gone after about 30 minutes of repeating it and showing her in the mirror. I don't get the fear of ants but I am hoping it goes away.

Peeps is so good with her baby brother. She just loves to hold him and take care of him. She runs to hug him when we walk in the door before even hugging me. Poops is good with her little sister but with her baby brother she would rather look at him from afar. He cries every time she goes to hold him (upon my request) and I think he feels her lack of enthausiam. Poops is struggling in school keeping organized and we are hoping she gets it under control before she heads off to middle school next year. Poops is now 5'3 and so skinny..I don't know what happened to my little girl but all of a sudden I see a young lady and that makes me sad. I miss my little girl...time please slow down just for a while..let me have a day to relish in my children and their beauty.