Thursday, July 23, 2009

Poops got her first pedicure!

Poops has been so good this summer. She's helping out a lot with her sister and helping clean up when I I took her to get a real pedicure as a reward. Here are her fancy smanshy toes!

Sitting on the Target ball posing pretty for a pic...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy weekend, road trips, the pool, and a night out at the DC Improv

This weekend I had to go to a wedding in was really far for us and took about 6 hours. The problem really was that I had to be back home by 9pm to get to the DC Improv to see a comedy show starring Pablo Francisco. I asked hubby if he wanted to go and he mentioned the movie Deliverance and politely said no thank you.
So Poops, Peeps, cousin JayJay, and my dad all went on a 6 hour trip to Princeton, WV. The bride and groom were not so much traditional...they had the wedding outside at a park and thought it would be funny to have black icing on their cake as a gag to turn everyone's teeth black. Here's the result of that...

These two cuties had a great time for the 3 hours we stayed at the they are enjoying the lake view

I snuck in a shot of Poops looking beautiful...

And then we took one together ...I wanted to play with my settings on the camera and this pic turned out too cute

The ride home was beautiful

Love my state...even though we were in VA we still had hours left of driving...

We made it home in time to enjoy ourselves immensely at the DC Improv...Pablo Franciso was the feature but the 2nd guy was even funnier than Pablo! From left to right that's me and my hubby, my oldest sister in law, then my youngest sister and law and her boyfriend. There is a 2 drink minimum at the comedy club and we all met our limits! We all had such a great time..I hope to do it again in the near future.
Peeps had a little meltdown when I told her I was leaving her with her abuelos to go out and I had to promise her a trip to the pool Sunday morning...I think this girl knows how to work me...she always gets me to bargain!

When we got back to my in laws to pick up the girls Poops had played the mommy role and laid with the little ones until they fell asleep. See how Poops has her arm around JayJay so she doesn't fall off the bed? What a great daughter! In fact, I told her that I owed her a special will see how that turned out in my next posting.

I kept my word to Peeps! The trip to the pool was fun!

After the pool I took another little road trip to visit my dear friend Kristi who moved back to VA from Hawaii...then back in VA! YAY...although she's not really close by, she is a lot closer than her last two places of residence. This road trip was especially fun because I lived out that way for about 9 months when I was about 12 years old and I was able to show Poops where I used to live. It was about an hour drive to her house out in the country and on our way I had to break for the geese who decided to walk across the street..I mean really? Why do they walk? They do know they can fly right?

Being that Kristi has spent a lot of her time in Hawaii...she was having spam and rice for dinner...Poops tried spam for the very first time..and she liked it! If you've never had spam before you should try it. It's like ham from a can. :-) Just slice it up and fry it in a pan!
Thanks, Kristi!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friday night concerts by the lake

So every Friday night in the summer by our home our county offers free concerts. This past Friday it was the blues...the girls liked this a lot better than the previous week which was folk music. See how well this turned out! These girls can get down!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

When one donut just isn't enough, more snakes, & the 4th of July!

On an early morning trip to Dunkin Donuts Peeps found the one donut didn't quite cut it. She had to have one in each hand. Can we say sugar addict? I promise I do feed the child!

This past weekend I had cousin Jazzy over and Peeps and her decided they both wanted to wear black boots. As we walked our way around the lake looking for my hubby and Poops who were out fishing I stopped to take a picture of the girls in their boots by the they say..these boots were made for walkin'

Jazzy got to make her first cake with Peeps! I heard since I sent her home she wants to help her mommy cook now! This was their favorite part!

Our neighborhood has a concert by the lake every Friday and this past Friday was folk music...I didn't know what that meant but apparently it means one man singing and using all kinds of instruments such as harmonicas, and banjos, ect. The girls got disinterested in the music and decided to play in the water. I only let them put their feet in but they had a great time!

For the 4th our neighbors across the street always put on their own show for fireworks so we hung out on their side of the street and the girls played with sparklers

Peeps held her first sparkler

And this is one of the cutest pictures ever!

P.S. Jazzy won't sleep over at anyone else's house! I feel so privileged!

Update on snakes in my back dad found a whole family of the Dekay's snakes! I'm so glad they are harmless!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Puppies on the brain...

My uncle's dogs puppies were born 6/27/09! They are so cute! When I got the call that mama dog was in labor I was so excited but couldn't go see them being born since I was cooking like a madwoman the entire day for the bbq we had on Sunday! Once all was said and done I went to see the puppies around 9:30 that evening and they were sooo cute! Mama dog was pretty protective of the puppies and wouldn't let papa dog even look in their direction. Papa dog was pretty funny as he would stand in front of where she was and move his eyes in the direction of the puppies to see but wouldn't turn his head (cause when he did mama dog would go crazy). Mama dog has 10 puppies total but one was stillborn so she ate it. That left 9 puppies for us to choose from..which we haven't yet but we've been to visit them 3 times already.
Peeps says this one is hers

but then on our 3rd visit she says she wants them all. Hence this picture!

And, yes, she was wearing the same shirt on both occasions!

She actually has taken a liking to the red one and still wants the chubby black one. She says she wants both...hubby says no way..I'm a sucker for puppies so I say why not...but I am pretty sure 2 is out of the question..

We are having a puppy party in August so that all the potential new puppy owners can come over and pick their puppies. Of course, they have to wait until we pick ours first. Once we can get Peeps and Poops to agree on one puppy then we can plan this puppy party. We have a lot of friends interested in the puppies so hopefully they will all get adopted at our party.