Sunday, February 25, 2007

29!!!!!! I can't believe I made it to this age!

Well, today I turned 29 and lo and behold I am still here. I made it-never during my young age-teenage years did I expect to one day be this age. I guess some people may think thats crazy and maybe they are right but that is how I thought. I thought 29 was so old and now that I am here I still agree-haha...but seriously-I am glad. I have so much to be thankful much to be happy about. I have my loving husband who I only had to plead with once this morning to get up with Peeps at 6:30am..and I have my Poops who made me a homemade birthday card and stuck 12$ of her own money inside and I have my little Peeps who woke me up at 630am. Lets see, this whole day went well from the little mini blizzard we got which coated everything with a beautiful blanket of snow to the snowball fights with O and Poops as Peeps cracked up and Scrappy chased them to the sledding -fitting all 4 of us on the sled was a bit of a struggle but hey!!! It worked! Then to getting calls from friends and family who sang to me with their american idol wannabe the end where my mother in law cooked my favorite soup and once again I was serenaded with a Happy Birthday song---I have to tell a secret-I did not make a wish-I don't have anything else to wish for. :-)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ok.. compromise is the key

Let's rules

Well, acutally the sitter told me in writing the other day that she didn't see why I should pay on the days that Peeps doesn't come. Then she changed her mind a few days later and said she wanted me to pay for the all the days regardless if she comes or not. So, that created a lot of tension. Personally, I think that you can't really compare home day care to schools so I think if you depend on the money thats really on the person doing the daycare. I don't think that people should pay for a service that's offered unless the service is being provided. I think that home day care is different than working for a company and providers can't expect the same benefits as working for a company..because they are two different things.
We have decided to not pay her while she takes her vacation-we will pay her when we take vacation but only half pay and we will only pay half pay for the days Peeps doesn't come up to two days a week. So if I don't bring her 3 days then only 2 of the days I will pay half pay. So instead of paying 40$ for those days.. I will pay 20$. The day restriction was my idea to show her that I am being fair but I am hoping by summer time my job will offer a package to leave cause I will be outta there. 10 years working there is 10 years long enough!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


After much arguing back and forth we have decided to come to an agreement we both agree with. YAY for everyone involved..but mostly Peeps because I didn't want her to suffer because of adult issues. :-)

Friday, February 16, 2007

just needed to vent

Ahhhhh.. .My daycare provider charges me 200$ a week..wether or not Peeps comes to her or not. This really irks me.. I mean why do I have to pay for services that she isn't providing? I need to know is it worth it to change Peeps from her care because of my irritation and make Peeps have to deal with adjusting all over again or just deal with it? This whole week basically Peeps only went 2 days because schools were closed cause of the snow and I have had to stay home with Poops. So I have to pay my provider now the full 200$. I even asked her if I could pay half for the days Peeps doesn't come but she said no. UGH!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007



Poops is out of school today becasue of our ice storm that has everyone stuck indoors..well most people. O had to work but luckily he has 4wd. So, we are spending Valentines Day here at home and Poops has had her share of the cold. She's been out making baby snowmen and having snowball fights! Here are some recent pics from O's 30th birthday and maybe one or two of my dad's 57th birthday!