Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Peeps turned 4!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEEPS!

The first party was from 3-5 and for the kids...then the 2nd party started at 5 and lasted until 1:30am!!!

We had a huge party for Peeps to celebrate her turning 4. We had a moon bounce, our trampoline that lives in our backyard, a pinata, face painting, and get this...a PONY! We rented the pony from Berryville, VA and it was awesome! Here are some pics of the party and my birthday girl.

(special treat from the pony company..a cow girl hat, chocolate pony lollipop and a bandanna)

(determined to break it!)


(why does daddy look so stressed?...could it be all the preschoolers running through the house?)

Present time!

JayJay helps open the gifts...cousins are great!

(this is when the 2nd party started....she got to be sung to 2x!...we reused the ponies on our tres leches cake)

Everyone hardly fit in our dining room...we ended up singing 3 additional times for some cousins with nearby birthdays...thanks for sharing your birthday PEEPS! I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday!