Monday, June 29, 2009

Peep's 1st Ballet Class, snakes & turtles

Peep's 1st ballet class didn't go as expected. She wouldn't wear her ballet shoes and was very shy and pretty much kept to herself most of the class. Then I told her I'd get her a Slurpee if she participated and she started to do a little bit. She sure did look cute in her tutu! This is a pic of her walking towards me in an attempt to get out of dancing.

On another note, we keep finding snakes in our back yard. My dad is a snake hunter...very much like the crocodile hunter guy (RIP) but he hunts and is fascinated by snakes. Here's a pic of the most recent finding under our wood pile...and a box turtle stopped on our porch to say hello. We kept him for the day and then put him back in the shrubbery near the lake so he can have lots of yummy berries to eat.

A trip to the ER

So Tuesday night 6/23 (so I don't forget) I started getting a weird stomach first I thought it was from actually doing something physical on Monday (playing soccer) and then I thought maybe even I went to bed with this crazy pain that just kept getting worse and worse..finally at 1am I wake up completely and think I have to take something. If you know me then you know I don't like to take pills...any meds of any kind actually. I end up taking 1 Motrin..and my husband gets up and sees me balled over in pain on the floor and says to take at least 2 Motrin. I argue and he wins so I take the 2nd Motrin...still the pain is so this point it feels like LABOR...I literally feel contractions in my stomach..upper someone is squeezing and then releasing my insides. So I lay on the bathroom floor because each time I have a "contraction" I feel like I'm going to vomit. This happens for about an hour and then my husband says he wants to call an ambulance and I say no no no..I'm going to drive myself to the ER..I didn't want to be put in an he says he will drive me..I say nooo again..I didn't want to wake up the girls. I run out the door in my pjs grasping my stomach and drive myself to the ER. This was actually very tricky because I felt sooo bad but it wasn't far away so I did it..I saw a big deer on the way. Who knew we had deer living so close by?

When I got to the ER there was no one in front of me..I got seen right away and the doctor said hmmm..maybe appendicitis or maybe ovarian he wants to give me an iv and pain meds. I tell him..nooo I just had 2 MOTRIN!!! He said well its obviously not working and we have to make the pain go away so I let them give me pain meds in my IV. The pain goes away so fast! I felt ready to go home...but they wanted to do a Cat I had to drink some chalky white stuff mixed with ginger ale and wait two hours...they do the cat scan and my results are..."possible ovarian cyst...abnormal amount of fluid in area". Doc gives me a script of pain pills which I haven't even taken...and says make a follow up visit with my regular doc within 24 hours. I got out of the ER at home by 7:15 and went to work by 8am! I was pumped up..pain was gone..and by 2pm that day I was so tired I think I might've fallen asleep for a minute at work. Thursday I went to my doc for my follow up visit and they said they have to assume it was an ovarian cyst but no physical exertion for 3 weeks! There goes my soccer plans!

My husband thinks I could have mother in law might be thinking that too..and my doctor says we just don't know...time will tell.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Soccer, Soccer, and then our nanny!

My arm was twisted by a couple of the moms on my daughter's soccer team and next thing I know I'm buying "turf shoes" and running around late at night with a bunch of women on a huge soccer field. Now, I'm thinking we will play on a soccer field similar to what my 10 year old plays on..I get there and its like HUGE! I was fairly intimated and had a bit of anxiety but then I got out of the field and it wasn't really that bad. I did had to sub out quite a bit and one of the girls smelled like urine but overall I think I did okay. If you overlook the handball I got called on and the 50 something year old woman who outran me I think I may have done great! If only we could have margaritas while we play....hmmmm :-) Why do my inner thighs hurt??????

Father's day soccer tournament ...Saturday Poops got out on the field and started playing..10 minutes into the game it started raining...15 minutes into the game it started to thunder and they cancelled all games for the duration of the day. No biggie right? It's happened before but as the day went on the weather was amazing and beautiful and we thought about how we could've been having the tournament. 7pm rolls around and the email comes out from the commissioner of the soccer tournament and he says all teams are scheduled to play 2 games Sunday..if you are not playing 3 games you won't be in the championship. So this has us all angry as we see our team is scheduled for only 2 games so basically we are just playing for fun? While playing for fun is all well and good we didn't shell out $$$ and practice 3x a week the past month for a game of just fun. The commish said that all the trophies would go to the recycling bin and no one would get trophies who didn't play 3 games! You can imagine that parents and coaches everywhere were outraged as were we and we have made official complaints after making suggestions which were just taken with a grain of salt. They could've done penalty shots or changed the games from hour games to half hour games so that everyone had a chance to play at least 3 games. They could've even said we will consider everyone who didn't play yesterday a draw and weighted the games on Sunday heavier but nope...anywhoo we will not be playing with the All Star FPYC cup again...if anyone else wants to sponsor it then yes but not FPYC!

Poops is sick today with a fever, headache and some stomach issues. The nanny also started today and so far I think the girls adore her. Yes, even after just a few hours...I can just tell. Peeps was so excited to see her she was waiting by the door. Peeps never wants me to leave fact she cried last night just when I left for the soccer game..she cries when I go to the store just to get groceries..she always wants to be with me but she was okay when I left her with the nanny today to head out to work. I wish we could keep her all year but she's a teacher who is just filling some of her summer time while watching my girls.

Friday, June 19, 2009


So yesterday we had this huge storm and as you can see by my previous post it flooded the road. Peeps calls tornadoes "tomatoes" and I haven't corrected her because I think its so darn cute. She gets all big eyed and looks up at the sky and says..."Look mommy! I see a tomato!!!" I love it....I love her.. :-)

School is out...the last day was yesterday..which means summer is officially here! The girls are home with their dad today creating a monstrous mess that I get to clean up when I get home. Then I get to scramble to get all the ingredients for the cupcakes I intend to make for tomorrow's All Star game. I am hoping to get to the party store and pick up some baking cups with stars on them to represent the All Star girls. I am thinking to also make stars out of blueberries for the tops. I am trying to make something healthy since the suburban parents in my hood are all about I'm thinking banana cupcakes by Martha Stewart. They seem to have rave reviews so hopefully they will be healthy enough for the girls so I can attempt to fit into my suburban hood...and by the way..we had our last soccer practice last night and the team we scrimmaged against got named the mad when I think mad dog I think Mad Dog 20/20 but apparently none of the other suburban folk knew what the heck that was. Okay then...I guess growing up in suburbia they all had access to their parents expensive alcohols so they never had to resort to cheap 7-11 booze like me and hubby. :-)

So wish us luck for our tournament this weekend! We hope to win but most of all we hope to have a great time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Traffic in my hood!...when it pours!

I got stuck in this on my way home...ick! Things like this make me feel like I live in the country. There isn't even a creek or river there! It just rained so hard the road decided to scoop up all the water and hold onto it.


I just realized this is my 100th post!!!!! Congrats to me!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I told the witch doctor I didn't know what to do....

So Peeps has been singing this song that goes...

"I told the witch doctor
I was in love with you
I told the witch doctor
I was in love with you
And then the witch doctor
He told me what to do

He said that

Ooo eee,ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang
Ooo eee ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla bing bang...
Ooo eee ,ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla ,bing bang
Ooo eee ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla bing bang"

And its so funny...I used to sing this song with my dad and there he goes again teaching the lyrics to my 3 year old. I love my dad. :-) The dad that raised me all by himself with no help from his parents (who had passed away when he was younger) and the dad who struggled to make ends meet while it was just me and him..the dad that is there whenever I need him...the dad who loves my girls with all his heart. :-) Thank you dad!

_________________ON another note..this really happened! This is my life! I kid you not...please don't try this at home. After Peeps devoured the chocolate molten cake she then proceeds to try and stab her sister Poops in the face with a fork! And yes, she wears that pig mask everywhere..I kid you not. Great mom I am snapping pics... :-) You can't make this stuff up!

Trying for a normal pose...

We were celebrating my husband's awesome soccer coaching skills with a gift card from the parents to Chili's. He really is an awesome soccer coach and a really great dad!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can you handle it? I'm keeping up with my blog!

My family is running around like crazy with the big All Star Soccer Tournament coming up. Poops is going to be playing offense and is excited. Since hubby is coaching he has spent a lot of time planning and preparing for these girls to get the proper training and build team skills before the big Father's Day tournament. It really is exciting..and hubby is doing a great job with these girls. Even though some of them are kinda this one who said "Ewww! You sweat a lot!" to hubby. LOL...oh well...he definitely is getting a workout during these practices.

I had some of the cousins over this weekend..the girls loved it. We had a sleepover and here is one pic of the musketeers..the one sitting next to Peeps didn't spend the night..we met up with her the next day.

Saturday night we went to the park really late...Poops and cousin Alyssa were acting foolish as always (when they get together its just chaos). We took the soccer ball and light up Frisbee. People looked at me like my children had never been to a park..I don't know why they act so crazy when they get together but they always do..start screaming and acting crazy. We scared off all the rest of the late night park stragglers and had the park, soccer field, and baseball field all to ourselves. Alyssa never had an underdog before so I got to teach her what that was. Peeps and Jasmine had a great time messing up the sand at the baseball field. After we kicked the ball around, threw the Frisbee, and played in the sand we tried catching some fireflies and headed home. The sounds at the lake were very loud at night. It was as if the geese had their own language and talked to each other when they thought everyone was gone.

Back to work...
Peeps cried this morning when I dropped her at the sitter. She hadn't been there since Wednesday of last week so she got used to being home with us. She only has 3 more days with the sitter before summer vacation kicks in and she gets to spend all her time with the grandparents and Kylie. We have our vacation all planned out too...we have plans to go to the beach for a week in July and are excited about that.

Oh yea..and since we have plans for the beach we (hubby and I) are thinking about weight! I am about 30lbs overweight right now and am thinking to start low carbing it during the week to lose some of these lbs. I also signed up for a soccer team with some of the other soccer moms. It's kinda exciting since I've never played sports before..was more into drama and love yoga. Anything the involves running is not in my personality but I will give it a try...they practically twisted my arm pulling me into this so here I go...trying something new..lets see what happens!

I made these for my daughter's other soccer team..the Falcons..very lazy but cute!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The ferret and a new puppy perhaps?

Okay, so we adopted a ferret and obviously it was a bad idea. The little guy is cute, friendly (so long as you aren't squeaking a toy), and playful but man he is STINKY. Why must he be so stinky? And, this is Peeps's new passion in life. She loves Bananna...Bananna Head, Bananna Cookie Head, and or Ferry. Yep, he goes by all those names. He could have multiple personality disorder caused by the excessive amount of names we have given him. So far, he's been "lost" a few times..always ending up in the closet in his room but still created much havoc and panic amoung the girls..and he's been hurt! The other day Peep's was putting him back in his cage and his foot got stuck. He screamed so loud it was like a banshee..the worst scream I've EVER heard. He was spitting and going crazy until he freed himself and then his leg was all curled up under him. He seems fine now but that really freaked me out. I thought..I've got to come up with a plan to get rid of this ferret without breaking my children's hearts. Then comes he idea of adopting another dog..a shelter dog perhaps. I call around and get some prices and its 300$ to adopt a shelter mut dog? Are shelters CRAZY???? I paid $350 for my pure bread peke as a brand new puppy! Anywhoo..I found out my uncle's pooch is prego with 8 pups but these are big dogs...lab/ret mixes. My mind starts turning as I think of all the ways I can't handle a big dog..but is it worth it to get a big dog in order to justify giving the ferret away. Hmmmm.....still thinking about it.

Batch of puppies my uncle's dog had last year

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poops had her string concert tonight

I loved how people kept telling me that Poops looked like she was my sister vs me being her mom. I actually get that a lot..woo hoo...anywhoo..Poops did a great job. She played 3 songs and she really wants to do it next year but mostly because her teacher is so nice. I am getting tired of paying for the violin when she hardly ever wants to practice. I have to think about it a bit.

Peeps also ended up sitting next to a girl who will probably end up being in her Kindergarten class so that was nice. They played a little bit after the concert but each of them wanted to walk on the balance beam and they kept getting in each others way. Anywhoo..I took a picture of them. Won't it be funny if they end up being good friends? The funniest part about that is that they both went to the same babysitter for a few months. Peeps didn't fare well in that sitters so we had to take her out but it is a big coincidence.

Friday, June 05, 2009


So yesterday I took Peeps to the doctor because she's been coughing for about 2 weeks. They said they don't hear wheezing but they do hear the beginning stages of bronchotis so they sent us home with our very own nebulizer. This is good in my opinion because I'd rather just give her the treatments at home vs making appointments and going into the doctor. This is also good because although Peeps has inhalers she doesn't use them correctly so now she will get the meds into her lungs and help with her exercise induced asthma and allergies.

I'm feeling crappy today too...but I came to work anyways because I knew we'd be short staffed. Hopefully I'll feel better over the I have soccer games and practices to attend.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Summer and Soccer...and general updates.

So we are ready for summer and instead of driving the girls back and forth between two different places I've hired a nanny to come help out this summer. She is a drama teacher in the county where I work and shes not scared of how incredibly hyper Peeps is. I already got her a pool pass too so she can take the girls to the pool.

O coached Poops's soccer team again this year and did an amazing job. The girls adore him and the parent's are so happy with his coaching skills. I was team mom again so organized the end of season party. I made gator cupcakes for the gator girls! He volunteered to coach the All Star Tournament on Father's Day weekend and we are all looking forward to the festivities of that weekend. Poops is happy to be on the All Star Team again. It will be fun and intense but a great way to spend Father's Day!

We adopted a ferret a few months ago and named him Bananna. Peeps adores him and they share the same high energy personalities. Poops plays with him once in a while but I realized how much they both love him when he got hurt last night. It was an accident when Peeps was putting him back in his cage his foot got caught in one of the grates and let out the biggest scream I've ever heard out of any animal. Actually, I've never heard anything like it..Poop's says it was similar to a banshee. After that happened Peeps cried herself to sleep and had nightmares calling out Bananna's name and saying she was sorry. His leg was curled up under him and he wasn't putting any pressure on it. We waited about a half an hour and he began to put pressure on it. We plan to take him to the vet today to get an x-ray done. I told the girls that Bananna has to find a new home because he is so small and it is too dangerous to have such a small animal in the house for fear he will get hurt again. Poops cried a lot but this has to be done. I'm thinking to get another dog? What's wrong with me?? :-)

Peeps's is still wearing tight clothes and has some anxieties with other children but she has been getting so much better since she started OT. She isn't scared of other children now and will play and interact with them..including chasing and running...I'm so proud of her! Also, some days are better than others with the clothes..I've noticed when she eats a lot of MSG she gets I try to refrain from giving her those. She's really into wearing this pig mask just about every day..with the swine flu going around everyone thinks its hilarious. We've been to a few places where people have actually taken her picture. She is also really into ballet right now so I signed her up for a class which starts June 27.

Poops ran for treasurer for her school and didn't win but she is planning on being a bus patrol next year. Go Poops! She also wants to continue playing violin but I am not sure I will let her continue. It's hard to get her to practice and I was hoping she could do flute. She really only wants to continue because she likes her teacher so much. She's still playing on two soccer teams...and when summer time comes around we are trying to figure out what to do to keep her busy. She wanted to do swim team but there is no way I will wake up every morning before 7am to take her to the pool. She's currently working on a Power Point project for school about a fairy book she read.

My dad is still unemployed..but he's trying to start up his own business doing concrete repair work. He recently got sick and without benefits couldn't go to the ER..I took him to the regular doctor and he had a bad kidney infection. The doctor said he needed IV antiobiotics with a fever of 105 but since he didn't have insurance he gave him the pills and they are working. My dad is healthy again but still trying to drum up work.

So behind on this blog! SORRY Christmas & Poop's Birthday... I actually have a whole few minutes of spare time to try to catch up ...I hardly even remember Christmas but trying to jog my memory I am having some visuals flash by me such as Peeps soley wanting a green care bear and Poops asking for an lets just do a quick follow up with the green care bear that was the most important thing in the world for Peeps to she hardly plays with it! And Poops, with the IPOD..which she got thanks to her Amu..doesn't even use it..says it is too complicated. Peeps actually got an IDOG ..from her daddy and I have this memory of Peeps looking mad that she got that instead of the green care bear and then I have a picture of Poops looking shocked because she wanted that...I'm guessing good ol' daddy just put the wrong name tag but regardless..neither of them play with the IDOG, IPOD, and hardly ever the green care bear.

Poops did get her first cell phone which she loves...I try not to let her talk on it too much since they say the radiation causes cancer.

Overall..girls had a great time for Christmas...opening presents at midnight..then again from Santa in the morning.

Poop's birthday was a party with several of her friends. It was supposed to be a sleepover. That day she had eaten a Wendy's chicken sandwich as we were running around doing last minute errands for the party. Once everyone arrived she seemed fine but was acting a little quieter than usual. Then, about an hour into it..she ran upstairs..started throwing up and having diarreah at the same time. This didn't stop...she ended up falling asleep and we sent everyone home. We did have a make up bowling session for her with her cousin but we didn't do anything major. Hopefully next year will be more fun. Happy Birthday!!!

I will post some pics when I get home since they are all on my home computer.

Here they are...