Friday, July 21, 2006


Peeps is 10 months old now! What have I been up to.. lets see..

Well, this past week I was home alone with the girls because O was off in CT training for his new promotion. We stayed busy going to the pool and fufilling play dates. I was going to leave Peeps for once in her life while he was gone but changed my mind. I can't bear to leave her yet.. it's too scary. :-(

I started painting the kitchen cabinets white...and then I realized what I got myself in to! It's sooo much work! But I am determined to finish. First you have to clean with TSP, then sand down and wipe with a TACK cloth..then primer 2 coats and I haven't even gotten to the painting part yet! And I am only on the first cabinet..since I have to do it when Peeps is asleep which isn't often. Hopefully the end product will pay off..and if not.. then I will open a HOME DEPOT account and just get them to install brand new ones. :-)

P.S. I am sanding by hand! My dad said he will bring my an electric sander soon so that is good news.. oh yea.. and I had put the house up on the market but changed my mind. I am going to wait until it's necessary to move and not move out of want because I really don't want our mortgage to go up now that we will be paying about 1300 a month for day care once I go back to work. :-(

Oh YEA and by the way.. PEEPS started walking right before she turned 10 months! She is an early walker at 9 months walking but it's the cutest thing!

Saturday, July 08, 2006


I am so happy to be home..and to come home to a nice clean house is the nicest feeling! We went to pick up Scrappy but my sis-in-law who was watching him for me wasn't home and Poops was crying. She will have to wait until tomorrow to see him and actually went to bed early in anticapitation of seeing Scrappy tomorrow. :-)
Peeps did very well at the beach..she went to everyone and let me read two whole novels while she played with her grandparents, father, cousin, and uncle. Whew.. I got to breathe so it was a nice vacation. At first she did not like the sand but when given the opportunity to sit on a towel and play in it with her hands..not her whole body..she warmed up to the idea of sifting it through her tiny fingers.
Poops had a ball..we actually got to spend some mommy daughter time together when I took her to Splash Mountain Water park and we went on all the rides. The funniest part was when we first got there we were so excited we just got in the first line we saw and it ended up being the STEALTH slide! OMG.. if you didn't know I am attaching a photo of it. It was quite a way to start off our day at the park! I thought we were going on a tube or something cutesy..but this thing was straight down.. it is soooo scary! You totally feel like you are going to fall out and die right there. But after that ride..none of the others were so intimidating. By the way, Poops wanted to keep going on that one..over and over again..but not me so much. I gained about 7lbs at the beach..who thought of buffets anyways? Oh well... :-) Here are some pics of our vacation.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Almost ready to hit the road for the beach!

We are going to Ocean City for the week and are leaving tomorrow morning. It's been busy trying to get the house all tidied up and everyone packed up for the trip. Poops left this morning with the grandparents so she's already soaking up the rays. The traffic was horrible for them so I assume it will only be worse for us tomorrow. I have to borrow my dad's brand new car because my check engine light keeps coming on and he is going to have it repaired while I am out of sweet is he? He has barely had a chance to drive around his car when he ups and offers up his own as soon as he hears distress in my voice regarding my own vehicle. He is such a sweet dad! Well, off to finish packing! Happy 4th!