Sunday, September 23, 2007


My Peeps baby turned 2! We went to picture people to get her pics done but she was not so thrilled this year. I had to bribe her with candy to get her to smile. I will post those pics once I get them scanned but for now here's some I have taken recently. ....oh yea..and if you look closely at her number 2 candle on her cake you will see she took a BIG bite out of it!

Poops started 3rd grade and got to ride the bus on her first day which she loved! She loves our new home and being close to her friends from school.

Peeps is terrified of CHUCK E CHEESE and she had a fit when he walked by her on her birthday. :-)


Skylar'sGotSauce said...

What gorgeous girls you have! You must be so proud. Ava is a little doll. Her face is angelic. She looks so tall too. Wish we could see you guys! Keep in touch.


Kevin, Kris & Skylar

Kristi Ann said...

hey there

She is such a doll!!! I cant get over how teeny she is and how I just want to eat her up!!!

Too funny about chuck e drama mama loves anythig dressed up and will walk right up and wave hi. Guess Ill have to teach her about "stranger danger" eh? LOL

Huge hugs to the girls. Cant wait to see you this weekend. Hope you can make it!~