Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here are some from our visit with Kristi to NC

Getting floaties on

Peep's first swim in a lake...hangin with big sis'

Okay..."I don't need HELP!" haha

KayKay, Peeps, and Poops swimming in the lake

The reason Kristi stayed sane through a week with 6+ kids...foot massages by Mason!

Lexi and Peeps swimming


Kristi Ann said...

LOL..what a turkey!!!
It DID help keep me sane while everyone was there. :)

He was a great help! I am SOOOO glad you FINALLY came down for a visit. If kidnapping Alaina is all it takes...beware! :) I'll do it again! :) SHe truly was a treat to have!
Hope to see you LD weekend!

Papa and Popo said...

Hey Amber,

I just have to visit your site via Kristi's link. I was curious and it amazes me how fast Ava is growing. Not only her, but Alaina too! Holy Cow! She has grown SOOO much from the last I saw her in Hawaii.

Beautiful kids you have!!!! .... Take care....