Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanksgiving was a blast this year!

We had a really great time! O and I hosted at our home this year for the first time ever. We invited my side and hubbys side which made for a nice mix (and first time ever mix I might add!). I was frantic about it the entire week..worrying about how I would keep the food warm and how would I have enough food but it all turned out nice. I have to say I enjoyed this Thanksgiving the most out of any other as I was able to really feel like I contributed to getting the family together.

After we ate Poops, Casey, and Dusty went down to the soccer field and kicked around the soccer ball a bit. Some of the adults accompanied them and Peeps ran around expending some energy.

Everyone brought a dish and the food was amazing! There was so much left over that most people took plate home and we stil have some leftovers hanging out in the fridge.

Peeps asked Aunt Deko where her daddy was when Uncle Bud went to the car...referring to her husband and my uncle, Uncle Bud. This was quite funny as Aunt Deko is her great, great aunt.

Here are some pics of our lovely day!

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Kristi Ann said...

wooot wooot...
even TJ made it out!
word. :) LOL
Look awesome! Hope we can get together soon!