Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas 2009

Peeps and Poops

Christmas was exhausting and I have came to the point where I just wanted to get it over with. Even the tree was exhausting...decorating it was no easy task..standing and reaching to put ornaments on. I let my husband do the lights which was kinda funny cause he took a big net (for the bushes outside) and strung them on the let the girls do the ornaments by themselves (they kept complaining it was hard to find branches under the spider web of lights)...then lets talk about how I couldn't shop this season because walking made me puke. I can't tell you how many times I would puke in Target or Wally World while attempting to get some shopping done. Movement overall made me shopping was no easy task. Maybe the baby didn't want it's sisters to have any gifts if he/she couldn't have any...anywhoo...then we have the wrapping and the hiding and Christmas Eve (where we go to my in laws and stay up till midnight to open presents). The kids love this but I was so TIRED and whoever said morning sickness didn't know me cause my nausea and vomiting was always worse at night. We stay up till midnight, open gifts, then go home around 3 to get into bed so SANTA can come and visit. Then the children wake up at 8 to open gifts from Santa and I feel like dying at this point but I smile and seem super excited so the kids can have a great Christmas. They open their gifts and stockings and want me to open everything and put everything together...ughhhhhhhhhhhhh.....daddy is still sleeping at this point..lucky man. I manage to find some energy so we can go to to the country to have an early Christmas dinner with my moms side of the family...(where my Aunt Wendy is the most awesome cook I know). My husband and daughter love her homemade apple pies which she makes completely from scratch and they act like its some sort of drug they fight over each year. The next day I went to my aunt's house with the girls and ate again...then you have to clean up all the mess and paper and boxes and find places to put the toys. Whew...........I'm thankful its over...

Here are some pics from our crazy Christmas...I'm sure the girls just had a great time...and behind the scenes..there is just so much work involved.

Poops very favorite gift of this Christmas (NINTENDO DSI)

(Peeps favorite gift this Christmas..well other than the hand down Nintendo DS she got from her sister was this wagon)

Scrappy looks like a present here..notice my hot sauce in my gift bag next to him-everyone gave me hot helped with the nausea a bit

My aunt's famous Apple Pie!

This pic is me and the girls and my mom..she wanted a pic with all of us..I didn't really want to take it. Behind us is my famous Aunt Wendy (who makes the best pie) and my Uncle Ronnie (my mom's brother)



The Japanese Redneck said...

Gosh, I hope you are starting to feel better by now.

Glad the girls had a good XMAS.

Allison said...

I had no idea you were expecting! I hope things are ok with you now. I changed my cooking blog to a family/cooking/crafty things blog. I changed the name too, so if you are around- stop by there and let me know how you are doing!