Monday, April 12, 2010

It's a B-O-Y...haha! I can't believe it!

(21 wks)
So as hubby and I were watching the sonographer take pictures of our little babies organs she asked if we would like to know the gender of the baby. I said yes right away but hubby said..well why dont we put it in an envelope and open it later..I said when later? Like in the parking lot? Why would we do that? I want to know right this second! I totally expected it to be another girl since we already have 2 girls and the whole ring and string test said girl, the chinese gender said girl, and even the nurse at the obgyn said the heartbeat points to I'm picking out girl names and the sonographer says "It's a boy." and very calmly I might add. Hubby and I say..there must be a mistake..are you sure...can you show us what you see...and sure enough..its a boy. Now to find a name...


(21 wks)

The same day we went to Peep's heart doctor to have her murmur checked on and it seems that her heart murmur is gone....completely baby doesn't have a heart murmur anymore. It was a very happy day all around. :-)


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