Friday, March 10, 2006

Now I know what color her eyes are! :-)

Today was Poop's "Read-IN" at school. Parents were invited to come and read with their children at the school for an hour. So, Peeps and I went and Poops read about five books to us. Her teacher says she reads at a 2nd grade level and is very impressed. She uses her right side of her brain cause the left side uses math and she is average with that.
Then we went to Poop's Cheer Carnival where she danced to "I want Candy" and did some cheers. My sister Sam, her baby JayJay, her boyfriend Jamie, my dad, Peeps, O, and I all cheered from the stands but Poops said she was sad because she couldn't find us in the crowd. You win some and you lose some but I was there and I recorded it so I have proof! :-) She did great.. sad and all! Well, off to bed.. Peeps will undoubtedly wake up at 7am tomorrow morning.

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