Thursday, March 16, 2006


Ok..hmm..I just got our taxes filed from 2004 and 2005! Looks as if I will have enough money to stay home until Peeps's 1 year old as planned. I am so happy! YAY!
Monday Poops had an infection on an old cavity that had a silver cap over it and it was infected because the new tooth was trying to come in but because of the cap it couldn't and caused an infection. So, needless to say they pulled it, popped the infection bubble, and sent her home with a dose of antibiotics. Since she had a bad headache..could've been cause of the tooth, I let her stay home Monday..then that night she went to her swim class..Tuesday she went to school and the clinic called an hour before school was to let out so..I went to get her..then Wednesday she still felt bad with a headache and temp of 99.1 so I let her stay home.. Today she is back to normal and I got my taxes done. The tax guy has a little farm and has a horse so Peeps got to pet the horse. We fed him some hay/grass and she cried when I put her back in the car..
Nothing else is new I guess.. I am just so relieved that I finally got our taxes done. Whew!
Oh yea, when I took Poops to swim class I also took Peeps swimming. She loves the water! She kept trying to drink it though! LOL.. So cute!
Here is a pic of the girls after swimming.


Kristi Ann said...

They look SOOO cute together!! I cant believe how big Ava is now!! I can't wait to see her!!! Alaina looks so pretty in her swimsuit..and they both look like they had a great time! Where is that?? i wanna take McKayla swimming SOO bad but its been chilly and rainy here for the last 3 weeks! :( Ah well!!

Kristi Ann said...

I may be be busy, busy , busy...but at least I BLOG@!!! grrrrr