Friday, June 09, 2006

A recent post was deleted but ohhhhhhhhh well!

Man.. I wrote so much on that post.. but what can I do? I don't feel like typing it all over again and it was probably a sign to not post something so detailed about my life anyways... here are some recent pics. P.S. Poops won first place in the SACK race on Field DAY! WOO HOOOO!

One pic is of Peeps and her cousin Jasmine shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond!
The other of Peeps in the car eating her yummy feet! YUM-O!
and the other of Poops and Peeps playing on Peeps's new toy!
and one of Peeps and her cousin sis's first and only so far baby girl..and my one and only neice!


Kristi Ann said...

Look at that GORGEOUS girl!! Ava is SOOO cute! The other girls are pretty too (the cousins) but your girls REALLY take the cake!! I can't get over how much older Alaina looks that she really is! You better keep an eye on her!

Kristi Ann said...

Oh yeah..i found that postcard, and mailed it to her...did she get it?

Kristi Ann said...

Is she ever going to write me back?? I miss her.