Thursday, June 01, 2006

Well, its JUNE

School is almost over for Poops and I am so excited I get to spend this whole summer with her.. then back to work for me. :-( I am starting to wonder how Peeps is going to do since she won't let me out of her sight for a moment and it gets worse when someone else is around. Then she gets really insecure and reaches for me. AHHH.. what am I going to do? Even my friends baby wants me all the time.. I think it's cause I look like an angel. LOL.. that's what O says.. cause my pale white skin and yellow hair.. it's like I am so shiny they just want me. What was cute when my friends baby called me mama and was crying for me when her mommy took her out of my arms. LOL.. It's my aura! Here's some recent pics.


Kristi Ann said...

I think hemeant cheesball...not angel! Cause you are the biggest cheese I know! Those girls are growing TO fast! Ava is STILL bald I see...but I love that round little head! And she looks like she loveS that pool! *hugs* to alaina for me...i gotta get her postcard in the mail!

Kristi Ann said...

damn it...I lost her postcard...i went to mail it and it is gone.....Personally I think bug took it and hid it since I told him it wasnt for him , and he wanted the stickers! grrrrr
ah well!
Hey check out my blog---got some new pic's!

Kristi Ann said... liked my pic's?? I LOVE YOURS!! Though I wish You would post some of YOU and Octavio! Man....I sure miss talkin to ya! I wish i could fly over there and see you. Then we could go out to Panera's or Panido's or whatever it is for lunch! *sigh* WiSH WiSH WISH you guys were here!