Friday, July 21, 2006


Peeps is 10 months old now! What have I been up to.. lets see..

Well, this past week I was home alone with the girls because O was off in CT training for his new promotion. We stayed busy going to the pool and fufilling play dates. I was going to leave Peeps for once in her life while he was gone but changed my mind. I can't bear to leave her yet.. it's too scary. :-(

I started painting the kitchen cabinets white...and then I realized what I got myself in to! It's sooo much work! But I am determined to finish. First you have to clean with TSP, then sand down and wipe with a TACK cloth..then primer 2 coats and I haven't even gotten to the painting part yet! And I am only on the first cabinet..since I have to do it when Peeps is asleep which isn't often. Hopefully the end product will pay off..and if not.. then I will open a HOME DEPOT account and just get them to install brand new ones. :-)

P.S. I am sanding by hand! My dad said he will bring my an electric sander soon so that is good news.. oh yea.. and I had put the house up on the market but changed my mind. I am going to wait until it's necessary to move and not move out of want because I really don't want our mortgage to go up now that we will be paying about 1300 a month for day care once I go back to work. :-(

Oh YEA and by the way.. PEEPS started walking right before she turned 10 months! She is an early walker at 9 months walking but it's the cutest thing!


Kristi Ann said...

I cant get over how cute Alainas hair is at that length!! She is soooo pretty!

Ava looks like a little doll! could take a mold of her and sell it to the baby doll making would make millions! I know I would buy one! she is TOOO CUTE!! I want her! Kayla is all pudgy and what not! lol

Kristi Ann said...

I love Alaina Baina!


I love Ava Bava!

wooooooooot wooooooooooot