Saturday, July 01, 2006

Almost ready to hit the road for the beach!

We are going to Ocean City for the week and are leaving tomorrow morning. It's been busy trying to get the house all tidied up and everyone packed up for the trip. Poops left this morning with the grandparents so she's already soaking up the rays. The traffic was horrible for them so I assume it will only be worse for us tomorrow. I have to borrow my dad's brand new car because my check engine light keeps coming on and he is going to have it repaired while I am out of sweet is he? He has barely had a chance to drive around his car when he ups and offers up his own as soon as he hears distress in my voice regarding my own vehicle. He is such a sweet dad! Well, off to finish packing! Happy 4th!


Kristi Ann said...

Wow! What a trip!! Be sure and be safe and call me as soon as you get back!

What kind of car did your dad get?? How sweet of him to loan you his car! MY dad wouldnt do that!...but Cody would!

MIss you guys!! I updated my blog as well! ahhhhhhhh

Kristi Ann said...

P.S We have a new member of the family!! more on that later!

Kristi Ann said...

When do you get back?? call me!