Thursday, November 23, 2006


Peeps and JayJay

pics taken with my siblings and our children. :-) (well mostly my children!)

From right to left...Amy, me, Peeps, Samantha, JayJay, Cindy, Poops, then Bobby



Kristi Ann said...

Poor Alaina looks So unhappy...what are you doing to my princess??


You were right I was BUSY BUSY BUSY I didnt get a chance to call...i WILL be calling you tomorrow though! I WAS thinking of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kristi Ann said...

Oh oh oh UPDATE!!

Did you get your tree yet?

How are my girls?

How are you?

How is work?

Can I ask you another question?

ha ha

Kristi Ann said...

your blog told me it was feeling neglected.


Just wanted you to know

Kristi Ann said...

Your blog is crying again...

I think it needs an update with some pictures...

How bout you do us all a favor..



Kristi Ann said...

no pictures of christmas??