Monday, November 06, 2006


Yes me!!!! I need help. I recently went back to work and have to leave my precious 13 month old with a day care provider. I also leave Poops but she is so grown I don't have to worry about her.

Well, Friday daddy picked up the girls and mentioned to me that the sitter said Peeps cries for 15 minutes and then she's out..for naps. So...the sitter has a very strict schedule..she has a lot of babies and at 9am and then 1pm they all (3 one year olds) go down for naps.. regardless of whats going on., Poops didn't have school and I went to work.. I told Poops to be my spy and see whats going on during Peeps's nap time. Poops was playing with Peeps in the tent and then the sitter came and said it's time for Peeps's nap. She took Peeps and Poops had forgotten her spy mission so she played outside a while. She then remembered and went to check..she heard Peeps crying and didn't see anyone come in the room to console her. Soooooooooooooooooo....
when I pick up the girls I of course don't know this yet but the sitter says it only took Peeps ten minutes to go down instead of 15. She tells me that she uses the Ferber sleep method where you go in every 5 mintues and rub their back if they are crying then leave them again and keep doing that until they fall asleep. OK... I don't know about you but this sounds like torture to me!!!! I mean..the girl doesn't take a bottle so she has to cry herself to sleep??? HOW SAD IS THAT? And in a dark room ???? The link belows says it is a normal and valid way to put your baby to sleep but how many of you out there do this? Am I being over emotional??? Over sensitive? I mean.. when I am home with Peeps..she doesn't need that much sleep! She might take one good nap a day but not 2!!! No wonder she is so sad..and why should she have to take a nap if she is not sleepy??? Please give advice!!!! What would you do??


Kristi Ann said...


Wow...what a HARD situation! I think I would look elsewhere for a daycare provider...and even consider a center. It is ridiculous to MAKE a child sleep. I am sorry that Ava is going through this....the poor thing is probably crying in there wondering where the hang her mommy is and why she hasnt rescued her. (yes, I tend to be a drama queen, but we ARE talking about babies here)

I am struggling with putting McKayla down each night and during the day as well, as she nurses to sleep (bad habit I know, but Sammy did and it was fine...of course the child took a binky, making it easier)

Anyway...I personally would look for someone or someWHERE else. It sounds like she has her needs above the babies.

(then again if you look at it from the flip side...maybe she can get her used to going down by hjerself for you !?!? The joys of being a mom!)

CAll me

Kristi Ann said...

I am so glad that things worked out and that she will be with someone who can put her needs above the other children they watch!

Let me know how your new lady works out...Nice that it is someone you know!~