Monday, January 21, 2008

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Christmas passed and then so did my grandfather in law. He was a great man of strong work ethic and cared so much about his family..always smiling he was a protector and giver.

We travelled to Panama and attented his funeral. My husband was devestated and I thought he would not over come this great loss but he has been faring well to my surprise. I think it helped that we were able to attend the funeral and say goodbye. He gave away his only photo of him with his grandfather..the one he has carried in his wallet since before I met him...he left it in his hand in the casket.

Our trip turned out to be sad but not all focused on sadness as we were able to enjoy the beautiful beaches Panama has to offer. We stayed with my husband's aunt for a few days who has a home on the beach. The girls had a lot of fun but we didn't even bring swim suits so you will see us at the beach in our regular clothes! One cousin had a suit that fit Poops but the rest of us were not prepared for a beach visit.

I have to say that Panama is changing ...some parts are very rich looking and appears as though it is Miami..then there is the part I am used to seeing..the part where children beg for money and people dig in the trash cans for food. Panama has many sides but it is definetely changing and with the expansion of the canal it has the opportunity to be the richest country in Latin America.

Good Bye, rest in peace, Sr. Rogelio will be missed.

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Kristi Ann said...

Please pass on my condolences to your family!

The pictures are adorable though, and my fav is the one of Ava in the sink. I have one of me in Hawaii EXACTLY like that! :)
Alaina looks beautiful as always! She is growing So fast!