Monday, March 10, 2008


Poops lied to me every time I look at her that is all I can think about. She says it is the first time she lied to me but how can I believe that since she lied already do I know. The worst part is that I had no idea..I was oblivious to it and didn't realize that it would enter her little mind to lie to me so my pride is hurt and it opened my eyes to the fact that she is really getting older...we all lied to our parents before right? But when does it start?

This is how it happened...we were at my in laws house and Poops comes into the room (we were all sitting on my mil's bed watching a program) and shows us her bleeding finger. We all say oh my gosh how did that happen? She replies that she cut it on the chair? I am like, "the chair? Oh my goodness, your grandfather is going to have to repair it, show me where?" My mother in law is like, "I don't think so, you were cutting that kiwi with the knife, you must've cut your finger." I am like what, why were you cutting something with a knife? She said her grandma let her and she says it wasn't the knife. So I am about to argue with my mil telling her that Poops wouldn't lie to me and then she goes to show me where and points to the part that you pull out for the foot rest (which isn't open) and my mil comes into the kitchen and sees the kiwi half cut with the knife still in it. Okay, if it wasn't for my mil insisting that Poops cut her finger with the knife I would've never even thought to second guess what she was saying. Well, I then told her that if she cut it on the chair she will have to go get a tetnaus shot in her belly right away so to tell me the truth. She then admits she cut it with the knife. I am so I making too much of it? No, because I know how I feel and I feel like we've reached a new level of our relationship...a level I wasn't looking foward to. :-( She says she didn't want to feel dumb, and that she's never lied before..but really, how do I know? :-(

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JustKheli said...

She is a very good girl. I believe her when she says she didnt want to seem dumb. So give her a break this time. The two of you have an excellent relationship, and I truly dont believe lying is something u have to worry about with Alaina.
Don't make a mountain out of a mo-hill.