Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Okay, forgot to post this

Since Peeps is potty trained we are going through panties like she goes through popscicles..which is about 5 a day. Hey, at least she stays hydrated. She isn't having accidents at all..which is lovely..but she thinks that every time she farts..she has to change her panties. Plus, she wants to keep changing so she can wear all the princesses and frogs..(the frog panties are actually her favorite). She has a frog plate, frog spoon, frog cup...all things she has picked out and wanted while browing through Target.


Kristi Ann said...

Hey a girl after my own heart...I LOVE frogs! LOL
I laughed out loud when you commented that every time she farts she needs to change her panties....that CRACKED me up!!!

Go AVA on being a BIG GIRL!!

How is Alaina and school?

Amber said...

She's good! :-) Ready for soccer season!

Tishia said...

I couldn't help but chuckle out loud when I read about the fart thing! LOL too funny.