Friday, April 11, 2008


Poops at her soccer game
- Poops and Peeps in the tubes at our park.

Lets see...we have been busy with a lot of playdates and park outings with the weather being so nice. I have been having a great time meeting lots of new moms as well.

Poops's allergies got so bad we had to take her to an allergist and they tested her for common allergies....her arm swelled up for 3 allergens in particular..maple trees, oak trees, and cats. Poor Poops! At our soccer game Saturday, O coached and although we lost the girls played great. Well, the girls that showed...we were down quite a few girls and had to pull out a girl from the other team just to be able to subs and Poops played so hard she started wheezing! Asthma!...but allergy and exercise I think she will be okay..the doc had actually gave us an inhaler for just that issue....was he psychic? :-)

Peeps's allergies/asthma is the same...coughing when she runs.... I took her off the singular because of the new study of recent side effects...her doc said I can choose to just let her cough and if it becomes wheezing I need to give her medication. I am hoping/praying she will outgrow it...The pic is of Peeps at the doc's putting on lipstick.

Peeps is still having a great time with the children I watch but not for much longer as they have their moving date and soon will be off to Alaska. What was funny was that my husband said I was going to cry when they leave and I said oh no I will be fine...and sure enough with her email giving me the actual date I did find myself tearing up. I have really gotten attached to them and will miss them dearly. I am not sure if I will continue to watch children or do something else...I think I will probably watch a couple children part time again. It is good for Peeps to have other children around...and I find it fun.

We went looking at our first potential preschool the other day...Peeps said "NO, I DONT WANT IT!" and she is sure she doesn't want to go to school. :-( I want her to go two days a week for 3 hours a day but she is sure that she doesn't want it. I am still on the fence about it.

Funny things...

Peeps ....she is sooooooooooooo funny....whenever daddy wears a bath robe she says "Daddy's pretty princess!" :-) She thinks dresses make you a princess...(I don't know why) but she loves wearing them and I still have to talk her out of not wearing them each and every day.



Kristi Ann said...

did you put music on your blog???

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Kristi Ann said...

hehe nevermind...i saw the bottom and Octavio bustin' a move! LOL

damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn boyyyy! :)

Love it