Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's been like...........forever!

My life has been so crazy hectic I haven't posted in so long. Let's see...I have a ton of pictures to post but they are all at home and I am sitting happily here at my new job working for the public schools in my county.

Since I last wrote Peeps started going to a new babysitter and had some major issues with it. She wasn't eating, she would cry all day, she didn't want to wake up in the morning (wanted to stay in bed), and she was having nightmares. She told me the woman pinched her when she wouldn't hush...and she also said the little girl there was pinching her when she didn't help to clean up. Also, when I would call the provider's sister woudl tell me she was okay and doing great. I ended up having my dad take her to her pediatrician to see if her behavior was normal. She said to give it more time and that Peeps is stubborn. Finally (after that) the actual provider told me that Peeps just isn't adjusting. She said she wasn't playing with the other children and that she is miserable all day. I was so mad because they had told me she was doing well. Peeps actually got her first ear infection because she got so sick from being so stressed and not eating! So, poor little Peeps she felt like everything was crumbling beneath her feet and her whole world was turned upside down. I wasn't sure if it was just anxiety from separating from me or if maybe something really was happening at the day care. So, we told the woman this weekend we just can't do this anymore. We took her to her old sitter 2 towns over and she did much better. She freaked out for the separation but calmed down and played with the other children. She is staying with her abuelas and big sister Poops this week so she is doing great there...she doesn't even cry when I leave. She is probably just so relieved that she isn't getting pinched anymore. Next week she will go back to her older babysitter...it means a much bigger commute but it is worth it to know that she will be happier.

On another note...Peeps had a HUGE temper tanturm (first TIME) at my new job's annual company picnic! So, if anyone didn't know me before..they know me now as the mom with the crazy child who threw a tantrum for some "leche". She was pulling her hair, pulling up the grass, throwing herself on the ground, trying to run into the street, and of course..screaming and yelling NO NO NO the whole time. Thanks Peeps!

Poops-made it to All Stars again...did AWESOME! Scored some goals and made quite the impression. I kept hearing parents say.."Who's that girl?...she's awesome!" Seriously-I really did! Then we tied our last game and it came down to penalty shots.. Poops had the first kick and her super foot and anxiety/being nervous didn't go so well together so she missed the entire net! She burst into tears and couldn't stop crying. I wanted to cry for my baby too but I had to try and keep it together. It didn't matter though because only 1 of our girls actually made a goal during the shots and the other team got all their penalty shots in our net. It was a great game and I am hoping to see her make it again in the fall. My lovely husband was the coach and did a GREAT job. He continues to surprise me with his dedication and willinginess to be a great dad. :-)

My neice JayJay has been coming over a lot. She is so funny...she cries when it is time to go home to her mommy and she calls me mommy even though I keep telling her to call me Amber. Well, when I get home I will post some pics...TTFN!


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