Monday, June 30, 2008

Sorry...still no pics posted yet...but at least I am writing!

Poops was in VBS all last week and on Sunday we actually had to attend church...she made she could read a bible verse in front of the congretation. She also performed songs and dances (all bibilical of course) while Peeps and I watched. DH had to work and missed all the fun. After church there was a moonbounce and bar-b-q for everyone to enjoy.

So, while we were sitting in church listening to the service we had to pray and as I bowed my head Peeps kept saying.."mommy wake up!" and thought I was playing some sort of game. It then dawned on me that my dear Peeps has never prayed....nor has she ever been in a church! I was horrified at my realization that I hadn't exposed her to God. I felt so bad...soooooooooooooooooooooooooo I am in search for a church where I can feel like we belong. I have no idea what faith to choose or what faith I am. I was raised Weselyn but I honestly don't know that that means. I just know I learned a lot and often did community works to help others...we would get badges for helping others and learned how important it is to help people. I want that for my children...although Poops already has this great big heart and wants to help is too soon to tell if Peeps will have that natural giving spirit.

Speaking of Peeps...she went to her old provider today and yes she cried when I dropped her off but I have to say it was a nice sad I am sad my mommy is leaving me..not a scared for my life cry that was happening before. Then I called to check on her and she was fine..she helped burp and feed the sitter's baby and she actually talked to me on the phone without screaming and crying. YAY!

Well, I will seriously try to post some pics soon!

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