Monday, July 06, 2009

Puppies on the brain...

My uncle's dogs puppies were born 6/27/09! They are so cute! When I got the call that mama dog was in labor I was so excited but couldn't go see them being born since I was cooking like a madwoman the entire day for the bbq we had on Sunday! Once all was said and done I went to see the puppies around 9:30 that evening and they were sooo cute! Mama dog was pretty protective of the puppies and wouldn't let papa dog even look in their direction. Papa dog was pretty funny as he would stand in front of where she was and move his eyes in the direction of the puppies to see but wouldn't turn his head (cause when he did mama dog would go crazy). Mama dog has 10 puppies total but one was stillborn so she ate it. That left 9 puppies for us to choose from..which we haven't yet but we've been to visit them 3 times already.
Peeps says this one is hers

but then on our 3rd visit she says she wants them all. Hence this picture!

And, yes, she was wearing the same shirt on both occasions!

She actually has taken a liking to the red one and still wants the chubby black one. She says she wants both...hubby says no way..I'm a sucker for puppies so I say why not...but I am pretty sure 2 is out of the question..

We are having a puppy party in August so that all the potential new puppy owners can come over and pick their puppies. Of course, they have to wait until we pick ours first. Once we can get Peeps and Poops to agree on one puppy then we can plan this puppy party. We have a lot of friends interested in the puppies so hopefully they will all get adopted at our party.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Good grief, that's a huge litter. What kind are they?

Amber said...

They are mixed with all sorts of stuff! Lab/Golden/Chow/...even some St Bernard way back with the mommas grandpappy! ;-)

Elizabeth James said...

Your kids are soooo adorable. I will get my picture loading working...I just got a Mac and am still trying to understand this thing. My kids would love another puppy!!

Amber said...

Elizabeth-you should come get one! One of my friends just backed out because she had an idea they would be small dogs but lab/goldens are not small at all. Let me know if you want to get a puppy!