Thursday, July 09, 2009

When one donut just isn't enough, more snakes, & the 4th of July!

On an early morning trip to Dunkin Donuts Peeps found the one donut didn't quite cut it. She had to have one in each hand. Can we say sugar addict? I promise I do feed the child!

This past weekend I had cousin Jazzy over and Peeps and her decided they both wanted to wear black boots. As we walked our way around the lake looking for my hubby and Poops who were out fishing I stopped to take a picture of the girls in their boots by the they say..these boots were made for walkin'

Jazzy got to make her first cake with Peeps! I heard since I sent her home she wants to help her mommy cook now! This was their favorite part!

Our neighborhood has a concert by the lake every Friday and this past Friday was folk music...I didn't know what that meant but apparently it means one man singing and using all kinds of instruments such as harmonicas, and banjos, ect. The girls got disinterested in the music and decided to play in the water. I only let them put their feet in but they had a great time!

For the 4th our neighbors across the street always put on their own show for fireworks so we hung out on their side of the street and the girls played with sparklers

Peeps held her first sparkler

And this is one of the cutest pictures ever!

P.S. Jazzy won't sleep over at anyone else's house! I feel so privileged!

Update on snakes in my back dad found a whole family of the Dekay's snakes! I'm so glad they are harmless!

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The Japanese Redneck said...

He'd have to relocate them somewhere else for me.

I hate snakes. They make me hurt myself.