Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm pregnant..with baby #3!!!

So this was a huge super duper surprise. I didn't even have an inkling of a clue....I saw a pregnancy test at the dollar store last week and bought it thinking ..hey it's only 1$..why not. I did have some breast tenderness but I thought my period was coming so that was why. So I take the 1$ store pregnancy test and it says I'm pregnant...I say..well this is just a 1$ store test..can't be right..can it? And then when my husband gets home I tell him and he says...well it's a 1$ store test..(same thing I said) he says to take another one..we happen to have some in the bathroom cabinet..(I forgot)...these are the good EPT it says I'm preggers too! So my chances are becoming slightly larger that I am indeed preg...I make a doctor appointment Monday morning...pee test says yep..I'm pregnant..Tuesday morning I go in for a sono to see how far along I am...5 weeks they guess...just an egg yolk at this point..a little circle. At least it's confirmed now.

From Saturday (when I first took the test) today (Thursday)...I've had a few changes. I feel sick now..nausea is really icky..especially this morning. My diet consists of ginger ale and crackers and bread. My entire office thinks I am infected with the swine flu because I look like crap. It's too early to share the news..especially with my history of miscarriages. I couldn't keep in it here's my story. And hopefully this blog will be my outlet for this 9 month journey...well 8 months left right? :-)

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Congratulations. Good luck. I hope everything goes well with baby # 3.