Thursday, December 03, 2009

So sick...with hypermesis again....

I'm on meds for the nausea and vomiting but they don't always work. I ended up in the hospital on Monday for IV treatments for dehydration. My body wouldn't accept any food or drink for 4 days. It was I am able to eat some things but not too much and very small quantities. Everyone is worried about me not being able to take prenatals and all I can worry about is if I will make it through another day without chucking all my food.

On a good note, I got to see a picture of my baby and my due date is scheduled for 6.27.09. They have said they will take the baby a week or two early because of my history with delivering big babies. How can this precious little thing inside of me make me so incredibly sick? I've even lost weight....but I carry on. I do my best to take my meds (which dissolve on my tongue!) and eat as much as I can. Peeps said God is mean because she sees how I am so sick and she relates God putting the baby in my belly to him being mean. What do I say to that? Poor thing...she wants to take care of me and Poops has been helping with the house work. Dear hubby tries to get me b vitamins and ginger tonics to help but all in all I feel horrible. I am thankful to my family for being so supportive and to God for blessing us with another family member. I pray that this hypermesis doesn't last 6 months like it did with Poops.

Thanks for listening!

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The Japanese Redneck said...

I don't know what hypermesis is, will google it to find out.

Your girls are very sweet to help and worry about their mommy.