Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blizzard of 2009!

So we got about 20 inches of snow over the weekend...my office building was closed on Monday and the kids are out of school this entire week...so they get an extra long break until Jan 4! My puppy loves the snow and Poops wants to live in it...then there is Peeps who can only handle about 10 minutes of the freezing then she's ready to come in. It doesn't help that its like pulling teeth to get her to put on a pair of socks. Anywhoo...Saturday was super fun playing in the snow and sledding with our old man Scrappy Doo. Above is the pic..please notice how high the snow is to Poops legs and way taller than old man Scrappy. We haven't had a blizzard like this since 1996 when hubby and I were stuck at his parents house for many days....

Here's a pic of our house in the day covered by a white blanket of snow...

and here it is in the evening..so pretty!

Here's a pic of Poops getting ready to sled with her dad

and here is one of my back yard...Poops is playing with Cookie who loves to eat the snow

So after all the fun on Saturday we slept like babies and woke up to a freezing cold house...why? Because our heat broke down! Of course the timing was just splendid considering we were in a freaking blizzard! Lucky for me I have a friend whose husband does heating and ac..and he came over to say...we need a part..and I don't have it..I will have to order it tomorrow and come first thing in the morning...my jaw drops as I realize we have to endure this freezing cold for an entire day and through he night. Guess what that means...sleepover! We do have a fireplace and we put it to good use on Sunday...we all huddled up on the pull out bed in the living room in front of the fire including our 2 dogs, ferret, and birds. It went down to 50degrees and I woke up every 2 hours to put more wood on the fire. Dear hubby was out like a log...but every time I walked by the birds they'd freak out and start flapping their wings and swaking...birds...I am trying to keep you warm! haha..

Peeps was too thrilled that we had a sleepover in the living room and wanted to do it all the time..I was thankful for my friend's husband who got to my house at 11am and my heat was on and working within the hour.

My dear old dad (with his sweetness) shoveled out all our cars, sidewalk, and even my mailbox and driveway! He then had enough energy to go sledding with Poops. I have the best dad ever!

P.S. For those of you wondering about my pregnancy and sickness..I'm still sick..but I've found that eating hot peppers and Tabasco help keep some foods down...it's something...I still throw up about once a day..and I'm on 2 meds now. I'm hoping it will pass soon...please let it pass...but I do feel a lot better than before..nights are always the worst.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Hey Amber,

Glad you are feeling somewhat better.

I'm with Peeps, can't take snow for very long.

Merry Christmas to ya'll.

alex said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I like your snow pictures too !:) (We were certainly overdue for a good snow storm.)
Sorry to hear about your heat (though sleep-overs are fun- and it can be a bonding experience), and about your morning sickness (I had it really bad a couple times myself)- I swear by fresh ginger- root tea!
Happy Holidays

Brooke said...

That snow was crazy for this area.. Still soooo much of it and I'm waiting for it to poof.. It's turning to ice as it melts and ugh not liking that.. LOL
Sorry to hear you are sick so often... I couldn't eat much when pregnate with Wee Man and I was sick ALL 9 MONTHS with Lil Kiwi.. Hope you get over it soon..

Raoul and Penny said...

Thank you for stoppin over at our blog. We were in the US with the previous blizzard in 1996. We were looking for an appartment in Philly (we spend a half year there as exchange students) and everything was closed for a few days. Had to stay with family a few days longer.... Wish we had a blizzard in the Netherlands once in a while...