Saturday, February 25, 2006


Wow! Today is my birthday.. I am a whole XX years old! I have two kids and a husband!!! Omg.. I am old...!!!! What's going on??? Hmm... I can't really believe it..that I made it to this age.. I never really thought I would be this old. But, at least I am not 30 yet.. cause thats 3 whole decades! LOL
Happy Birthday to me! I am going to breakfast with a friend at IHOP after Peeps wakes me up for the day..then to Poop's cheerleading game which will last about 3 hours.. then possibly a movie and dinner with the hubby.
My mom called me on the 24th and sang Happy Birthday to me on my voice mail. She has never gotten it wrong before but I guess the age is getting to her. Sometimes I forget that every year I get older.. so do my parents.
Here's to getting old!!! :-) I thank God every day for each breath that he allows me to have each day to kiss my girls and see them play and grow. I thank God each day that he allows me to love and be loved. Happy Birthday to me! Thank you GOD! Thank you for giving me this day and every day!
-Photo is of me at 5 years old!


Kristi Ann said...

*sniffle sniffle* That was sooo sweet! HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday! I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you! I hope you get my card today so the timing is perfect! Sure miss you and the girls! You truly ARE blessed!!!!!!!! And I thank God for a friend like YOU!
To many, many, many more happy years for you and your family!! And here's aging gracefully! **here here* *clink*

Adam's Mom said...

I found your blog through Kristi Ann's site. You have beautiful girls! You are sure going to be in trouble one day soon!

Well, happy birthday to you!

From an old girl who is 3 full decades UGH