Monday, February 20, 2006 thoughts about returning to work

It's a little after midnight early Monday morning. Peeps is of course asleep and Poops wanted to spend the night with her abuelos. I was just researching human trafficking on the web and decided to go ahead and post something on my new BLOG. :-)
Peeps just turned 5 months old. She is really getting so big so fast. I dread going back to work in October and leaving her child bearing to someone else for 9 hours a day. I know I am blessed to stay at home as long as I am but it is still hard to know that I won't be the one raising her for all those hours of the day. She will still be little and every little thing that happens to her will affect the person she will become. Sometimes I think Poops doesn't even need me anymore. The first day of school she asked me not to hold her hand or walk her into the school. I realized how big she really was when Peeps was born. It is hard for me to imagine Poops once being as little as Peeps is now.

Here is a pic of Poops at her first soccer practice. She loves soccer and is currently a cheerleader but finds it very boring and mundane. She says she would rather be playing sports but not to is starting again in March and so is she will be keeping me busy!

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Kristi Ann said...

Heyyy, I played Soccer all my life (well through 10th grade) is aa HUGE sport here in Hawaii! (Kinda like football on the mainland is) She looks sooo cute in her uniform to! I hear ya, about leaving the baby with someone else.....I may have to put Kayla in parttime, because of all the Protecttheplanet work. i sooo dread it! Glad I am not the only one!
P.S I remember Alaina when she was a baby....what a beauty!