Sunday, February 19, 2006

Today February 19 2006

Ok..Ok.. I just cheated and watched an entire episode of CSI MIAMI during Peeps's nap instead of finishing that laundry that is calling my name and picking up all the toys strewn about in the living room. Well, I can tell you I feel good about it because I got to delete it off the TIVO list and add another hour to the memory bank. I left her in her crib with her mobile to come down and check and email and I found out that my friend Kristi in Hawaii has a blog. What a wonderful idea I have to have one for myself. One to type up how incredible stressed I can get and one to share beautiful pics of my 2 angel girls. Ok.. here is my first post..I hope you like it and find it as interesting to read as it was to type. I gotta go get Poops ready for a party. She had me roll her hair in curlers last night and looks so different today with her hair all puffy. I have to tame it a bit before I can drop her off at Abuela's house.


Kristi Ann said...

Heyyy~! I am glad you started a blog too! Now I can see what you guys are up to, and hopefully see more pictures of the girls! I can't wait to read make sure you keep it updates, as i will be checking it EVERY day! :)

Kristi Ann said...

Heyyyyyyyyy...where;s my comment>?