Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A day with the kids and Kristi

Well, I finally got to see Sammy.. wow! He is so grown now and can talk and is so sweet! Poops told me he is so cute and she can't wait for Peeps to be that size. Little KayKay was so cute...her and Peeps were baby talking but most of the time KayKay decided to nap.

Lets see...the funniest part of the day.. of should we say possibly the year.. I turn around and lo and behold! I see Sammy .. pants dropped to the ground.. right by the park bench.. taking a WHIZ! LOL.. it was sooooooooooo funny! I see what I am missing out on not having a boy of my own! LOL.. I was going to take a picture then I thought..well maybe not.. it could've been perceived as a little weird when I go to get it developed so I decided not to. It was so funny because he was so casual about it. Then Matthew had to go potty from all those bottles of water he drank and Kristi sent him over to the tree. Poops followed and watched and she was scolded when she got home. She said that she didn't see what the big deal was because she had already seen him pee once before. LOL

Oh well..here's a picture from the park with Lexi, Poops, Sammy, and Matthew.


Kristi Ann said...

LMAO!!!!! I am going to blog about that too!! I STILL can't believe he did that!!! That was a great day! I am so glad you could join us!!!! I still love the pic, but we will get a better one soon!

Kristi Ann said...

hello...where are you???