Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spring Break is over.. :-(

Well, Poops certainly enjoyed her Spring Break. And I enjoyed sleeping in ...even Peeps got to sleep in and we all loved it. I almost can't wait for summer so I can sleep in again...although the dog days of summer here are so hard to deal with. It gets so hot you can't breathe. I gotta hurry up and buy our memberships to the pool for the summer. I don't know when I will get another summer off with the girls so I want to make this one as memorable for Poops as I can.
We went to Great Falls Park for the first time and Poops enjoyed climbing on the rocks. Peeps loved being in the sand.
Peeps got her first tooth the day before Easter. It just popped out and I knew something was wrong the day before because she was soooo cranky. I am glad that it's over and her tooth is finally here. She crawled for the first time yesterday and we were so excited. I went to get the video camera and when I wanted to tape it she just sat there crying for me to come and give her the camera! UGH! Oh well..
My dad is supposed to come and pour the concrete tomorrow so hopefully that will go well and we can utilize our back yard.
Well, there are just too many things going on right now so I gotta go!


Kristi Ann said...

Hey there-
The excersaucer thing and bouncer are at my mom's! You can pick them up anytime. Josh had brought them over on the last day I was there ....go figure. I also left some mac nuts with her for you so dont forget to ask for those as well! UPDATE YOUR BLOG MORE OFTEN CHICKLET!

Kristi Ann said...

You need to update your blog!!! I am getting tired of reading and re-reading about spring break! Tell me WHAT ELSE is going on?? Oh and I had a dream about Alaina last night! LOL She came to visit me and decided to stay! You were mad. LMBO! It was a weird dream! Hope all is well, I'll call u later!