Friday, February 16, 2007

just needed to vent

Ahhhhh.. .My daycare provider charges me 200$ a week..wether or not Peeps comes to her or not. This really irks me.. I mean why do I have to pay for services that she isn't providing? I need to know is it worth it to change Peeps from her care because of my irritation and make Peeps have to deal with adjusting all over again or just deal with it? This whole week basically Peeps only went 2 days because schools were closed cause of the snow and I have had to stay home with Poops. So I have to pay my provider now the full 200$. I even asked her if I could pay half for the days Peeps doesn't come but she said no. UGH!

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Kristi Ann said...

yikes...hard call!

Since I am currently a day care provider, from MY point of view..

i have taken les smoney before due to illness or vacation. I think if the client is good enough, and I like them then I will make sure they are happy as well, and if that means helping them out... I do.

she may rely on that money each month it's a hard call!