Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ok.. compromise is the key

Let's see..new rules

Well, acutally the sitter told me in writing the other day that she didn't see why I should pay on the days that Peeps doesn't come. Then she changed her mind a few days later and said she wanted me to pay for the all the days regardless if she comes or not. So, that created a lot of tension. Personally, I think that you can't really compare home day care to schools so I think if you depend on the money thats really on the person doing the daycare. I don't think that people should pay for a service that's offered unless the service is being provided. I think that home day care is different than working for a company and providers can't expect the same benefits as working for a company..because they are two different things.
We have decided to not pay her while she takes her vacation-we will pay her when we take vacation but only half pay and we will only pay half pay for the days Peeps doesn't come up to two days a week. So if I don't bring her 3 days then only 2 of the days I will pay half pay. So instead of paying 40$ for those days.. I will pay 20$. The day restriction was my idea to show her that I am being fair but I am hoping by summer time my job will offer a package to leave cause I will be outta there. 10 years working there is 10 years long enough!

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