Sunday, February 25, 2007

29!!!!!! I can't believe I made it to this age!

Well, today I turned 29 and lo and behold I am still here. I made it-never during my young age-teenage years did I expect to one day be this age. I guess some people may think thats crazy and maybe they are right but that is how I thought. I thought 29 was so old and now that I am here I still agree-haha...but seriously-I am glad. I have so much to be thankful much to be happy about. I have my loving husband who I only had to plead with once this morning to get up with Peeps at 6:30am..and I have my Poops who made me a homemade birthday card and stuck 12$ of her own money inside and I have my little Peeps who woke me up at 630am. Lets see, this whole day went well from the little mini blizzard we got which coated everything with a beautiful blanket of snow to the snowball fights with O and Poops as Peeps cracked up and Scrappy chased them to the sledding -fitting all 4 of us on the sled was a bit of a struggle but hey!!! It worked! Then to getting calls from friends and family who sang to me with their american idol wannabe the end where my mother in law cooked my favorite soup and once again I was serenaded with a Happy Birthday song---I have to tell a secret-I did not make a wish-I don't have anything else to wish for. :-)


Kristi Ann said...

Happy birthday to you (again)

HAppy birthday to you (again)

Happy birthday to Amber! (again)

Happy birthday to you!!!!

Kristi Ann said...

Grrr...I tried 3 times to post that..

FINALLY it took!


Anyway....hope your birthday was a blast!

Kristi Ann said...

old fart!