Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Growing Pains...turning 12

My little girl isn't so little anymore. Over the summer she blossomed into what looks to be a young lady. I feel like that car insurance commercial where the dad looks at his daughter in the drivers seat and what he sees is a little girl but the reality of the situation is she is a young woman. I still see my baby and sometimes I get confused when she walks by me and I look at her like who are you. She often asks me now..why are you staring at me? She must think I am cuckoo and maybe she's right but where is my baby? My little girl who followed me around and ran to hug and kiss me when I walked through the door from work. My little snuggle bug who wanted to be with me and share with me every detail of her life? I wonder where she has gone when I look into the face of my 12 year old daughter who acts like I am pulling her teeth out if I ask her to tell me about her day. The little girl who used to beg me for a kiss before I left now shys away from me like I have leprosy if I even attempt to put my lips near her face. I actually am tearing up now writing this because the very thought and reality pulls so strongly at my heart. I so miss my baby girl but I am proud of the big girl she is becoming. We do argue a lot more than I ever thought was possible but this morning she and Peeps made a cake and I thought..this girl is a sweet person. A good big sister..caring and loving...and although she is testing the waters every now and then and a pre teen..we can do this..get through this time together. I just hope I can be the best mom I can to provide her with the direction she needs to be a good woman and once she is done with college...hopefully a good mom.

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The Japanese Redneck said...

I guess all of that is part of growing up.

Hopefully she'll outgrow this phase soon.