Monday, June 29, 2009

A trip to the ER

So Tuesday night 6/23 (so I don't forget) I started getting a weird stomach first I thought it was from actually doing something physical on Monday (playing soccer) and then I thought maybe even I went to bed with this crazy pain that just kept getting worse and worse..finally at 1am I wake up completely and think I have to take something. If you know me then you know I don't like to take pills...any meds of any kind actually. I end up taking 1 Motrin..and my husband gets up and sees me balled over in pain on the floor and says to take at least 2 Motrin. I argue and he wins so I take the 2nd Motrin...still the pain is so this point it feels like LABOR...I literally feel contractions in my stomach..upper someone is squeezing and then releasing my insides. So I lay on the bathroom floor because each time I have a "contraction" I feel like I'm going to vomit. This happens for about an hour and then my husband says he wants to call an ambulance and I say no no no..I'm going to drive myself to the ER..I didn't want to be put in an he says he will drive me..I say nooo again..I didn't want to wake up the girls. I run out the door in my pjs grasping my stomach and drive myself to the ER. This was actually very tricky because I felt sooo bad but it wasn't far away so I did it..I saw a big deer on the way. Who knew we had deer living so close by?

When I got to the ER there was no one in front of me..I got seen right away and the doctor said hmmm..maybe appendicitis or maybe ovarian he wants to give me an iv and pain meds. I tell him..nooo I just had 2 MOTRIN!!! He said well its obviously not working and we have to make the pain go away so I let them give me pain meds in my IV. The pain goes away so fast! I felt ready to go home...but they wanted to do a Cat I had to drink some chalky white stuff mixed with ginger ale and wait two hours...they do the cat scan and my results are..."possible ovarian cyst...abnormal amount of fluid in area". Doc gives me a script of pain pills which I haven't even taken...and says make a follow up visit with my regular doc within 24 hours. I got out of the ER at home by 7:15 and went to work by 8am! I was pumped up..pain was gone..and by 2pm that day I was so tired I think I might've fallen asleep for a minute at work. Thursday I went to my doc for my follow up visit and they said they have to assume it was an ovarian cyst but no physical exertion for 3 weeks! There goes my soccer plans!

My husband thinks I could have mother in law might be thinking that too..and my doctor says we just don't know...time will tell.

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The Japanese Redneck said...

I never like it when they say, the don't know. Hope you are feeling better now.