Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Soccer, Soccer, and then our nanny!

My arm was twisted by a couple of the moms on my daughter's soccer team and next thing I know I'm buying "turf shoes" and running around late at night with a bunch of women on a huge soccer field. Now, I'm thinking we will play on a soccer field similar to what my 10 year old plays on..I get there and its like HUGE! I was fairly intimated and had a bit of anxiety but then I got out of the field and it wasn't really that bad. I did had to sub out quite a bit and one of the girls smelled like urine but overall I think I did okay. If you overlook the handball I got called on and the 50 something year old woman who outran me I think I may have done great! If only we could have margaritas while we play....hmmmm :-) Why do my inner thighs hurt??????

Father's day soccer tournament ...Saturday Poops got out on the field and started playing..10 minutes into the game it started raining...15 minutes into the game it started to thunder and they cancelled all games for the duration of the day. No biggie right? It's happened before but as the day went on the weather was amazing and beautiful and we thought about how we could've been having the tournament. 7pm rolls around and the email comes out from the commissioner of the soccer tournament and he says all teams are scheduled to play 2 games Sunday..if you are not playing 3 games you won't be in the championship. So this has us all angry as we see our team is scheduled for only 2 games so basically we are just playing for fun? While playing for fun is all well and good we didn't shell out $$$ and practice 3x a week the past month for a game of just fun. The commish said that all the trophies would go to the recycling bin and no one would get trophies who didn't play 3 games! You can imagine that parents and coaches everywhere were outraged as were we and we have made official complaints after making suggestions which were just taken with a grain of salt. They could've done penalty shots or changed the games from hour games to half hour games so that everyone had a chance to play at least 3 games. They could've even said we will consider everyone who didn't play yesterday a draw and weighted the games on Sunday heavier but nope...anywhoo we will not be playing with the All Star FPYC cup again...if anyone else wants to sponsor it then yes but not FPYC!

Poops is sick today with a fever, headache and some stomach issues. The nanny also started today and so far I think the girls adore her. Yes, even after just a few hours...I can just tell. Peeps was so excited to see her she was waiting by the door. Peeps never wants me to leave her..in fact she cried last night just when I left for the soccer game..she cries when I go to the store just to get groceries..she always wants to be with me but she was okay when I left her with the nanny today to head out to work. I wish we could keep her all year but she's a teacher who is just filling some of her summer time while watching my girls.

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