Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can you handle it? I'm keeping up with my blog!

My family is running around like crazy with the big All Star Soccer Tournament coming up. Poops is going to be playing offense and is excited. Since hubby is coaching he has spent a lot of time planning and preparing for these girls to get the proper training and build team skills before the big Father's Day tournament. It really is exciting..and hubby is doing a great job with these girls. Even though some of them are kinda rude..like this one who said "Ewww! You sweat a lot!" to hubby. LOL...oh well...he definitely is getting a workout during these practices.

I had some of the cousins over this weekend..the girls loved it. We had a sleepover and here is one pic of the musketeers..the one sitting next to Peeps didn't spend the night..we met up with her the next day.

Saturday night we went to the park really late...Poops and cousin Alyssa were acting foolish as always (when they get together its just chaos). We took the soccer ball and light up Frisbee. People looked at me like my children had never been to a park..I don't know why they act so crazy when they get together but they always do..start screaming and acting crazy. We scared off all the rest of the late night park stragglers and had the park, soccer field, and baseball field all to ourselves. Alyssa never had an underdog before so I got to teach her what that was. Peeps and Jasmine had a great time messing up the sand at the baseball field. After we kicked the ball around, threw the Frisbee, and played in the sand we tried catching some fireflies and headed home. The sounds at the lake were very loud at night. It was as if the geese had their own language and talked to each other when they thought everyone was gone.

Back to work...
Peeps cried this morning when I dropped her at the sitter. She hadn't been there since Wednesday of last week so she got used to being home with us. She only has 3 more days with the sitter before summer vacation kicks in and she gets to spend all her time with the grandparents and Kylie. We have our vacation all planned out too...we have plans to go to the beach for a week in July and are excited about that.

Oh yea..and since we have plans for the beach we (hubby and I) are thinking about weight! I am about 30lbs overweight right now and am thinking to start low carbing it during the week to lose some of these lbs. I also signed up for a soccer team with some of the other soccer moms. It's kinda exciting since I've never played sports before..was more into drama and love yoga. Anything the involves running is not in my personality but I will give it a try...they practically twisted my arm pulling me into this so here I go...trying something new..lets see what happens!

I made these for my daughter's other soccer team..the Falcons..very lazy but cute!


The Japanese Redneck said...

Well that makes you and me both who are 30 LB's overweight. Stinks doesn't it?

Starving is about the only way I can lose weight. When I stay outside and am busy I eat less. But, unfortunately I work in an office so the Work Outside Diet doesn't pan out for me.

Good luck on the low carbs.


Denise said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours looks great, I am going to follow along.

Virginia Mom said...

Those cupcakes are so cute! Thanks for visiting my blog... yours is so cute!