Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So behind on this blog! SORRY Christmas & Poop's Birthday... I actually have a whole few minutes of spare time to try to catch up ...I hardly even remember Christmas but trying to jog my memory I am having some visuals flash by me such as Peeps soley wanting a green care bear and Poops asking for an lets just do a quick follow up with the green care bear that was the most important thing in the world for Peeps to she hardly plays with it! And Poops, with the IPOD..which she got thanks to her Amu..doesn't even use it..says it is too complicated. Peeps actually got an IDOG ..from her daddy and I have this memory of Peeps looking mad that she got that instead of the green care bear and then I have a picture of Poops looking shocked because she wanted that...I'm guessing good ol' daddy just put the wrong name tag but regardless..neither of them play with the IDOG, IPOD, and hardly ever the green care bear.

Poops did get her first cell phone which she loves...I try not to let her talk on it too much since they say the radiation causes cancer.

Overall..girls had a great time for Christmas...opening presents at midnight..then again from Santa in the morning.

Poop's birthday was a party with several of her friends. It was supposed to be a sleepover. That day she had eaten a Wendy's chicken sandwich as we were running around doing last minute errands for the party. Once everyone arrived she seemed fine but was acting a little quieter than usual. Then, about an hour into it..she ran upstairs..started throwing up and having diarreah at the same time. This didn't stop...she ended up falling asleep and we sent everyone home. We did have a make up bowling session for her with her cousin but we didn't do anything major. Hopefully next year will be more fun. Happy Birthday!!!

I will post some pics when I get home since they are all on my home computer.

Here they are...

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