Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Summer and Soccer...and general updates.

So we are ready for summer and instead of driving the girls back and forth between two different places I've hired a nanny to come help out this summer. She is a drama teacher in the county where I work and shes not scared of how incredibly hyper Peeps is. I already got her a pool pass too so she can take the girls to the pool.

O coached Poops's soccer team again this year and did an amazing job. The girls adore him and the parent's are so happy with his coaching skills. I was team mom again so organized the end of season party. I made gator cupcakes for the gator girls! He volunteered to coach the All Star Tournament on Father's Day weekend and we are all looking forward to the festivities of that weekend. Poops is happy to be on the All Star Team again. It will be fun and intense but a great way to spend Father's Day!

We adopted a ferret a few months ago and named him Bananna. Peeps adores him and they share the same high energy personalities. Poops plays with him once in a while but I realized how much they both love him when he got hurt last night. It was an accident when Peeps was putting him back in his cage his foot got caught in one of the grates and let out the biggest scream I've ever heard out of any animal. Actually, I've never heard anything like it..Poop's says it was similar to a banshee. After that happened Peeps cried herself to sleep and had nightmares calling out Bananna's name and saying she was sorry. His leg was curled up under him and he wasn't putting any pressure on it. We waited about a half an hour and he began to put pressure on it. We plan to take him to the vet today to get an x-ray done. I told the girls that Bananna has to find a new home because he is so small and it is too dangerous to have such a small animal in the house for fear he will get hurt again. Poops cried a lot but this has to be done. I'm thinking to get another dog? What's wrong with me?? :-)

Peeps's is still wearing tight clothes and has some anxieties with other children but she has been getting so much better since she started OT. She isn't scared of other children now and will play and interact with them..including chasing and running...I'm so proud of her! Also, some days are better than others with the clothes..I've noticed when she eats a lot of MSG she gets I try to refrain from giving her those. She's really into wearing this pig mask just about every day..with the swine flu going around everyone thinks its hilarious. We've been to a few places where people have actually taken her picture. She is also really into ballet right now so I signed her up for a class which starts June 27.

Poops ran for treasurer for her school and didn't win but she is planning on being a bus patrol next year. Go Poops! She also wants to continue playing violin but I am not sure I will let her continue. It's hard to get her to practice and I was hoping she could do flute. She really only wants to continue because she likes her teacher so much. She's still playing on two soccer teams...and when summer time comes around we are trying to figure out what to do to keep her busy. She wanted to do swim team but there is no way I will wake up every morning before 7am to take her to the pool. She's currently working on a Power Point project for school about a fairy book she read.

My dad is still unemployed..but he's trying to start up his own business doing concrete repair work. He recently got sick and without benefits couldn't go to the ER..I took him to the regular doctor and he had a bad kidney infection. The doctor said he needed IV antiobiotics with a fever of 105 but since he didn't have insurance he gave him the pills and they are working. My dad is healthy again but still trying to drum up work.

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Kristi Ann said...

How is your dad doing now???
My prayers are with him! I will see if my mom has any friends needing some work done. Email me what he can do!